2. Soda, Seltzer and Beer Packaging Shrink Sleeves

By customizing the shrink sleeves of cans, you can offer shoppers a genuinely eye-catching way to spot and connect with your brand. Instead of printing directly on the can, the design is printed onto flexible film sleeves, that are conformed completely to the shape of the container. Shrink sleeves, printed in full color, completely wrap around the can, providing the most real estate for messaging.

3. Sustainability

Carton solutions for both bottles and cans go a long way to making the sale, and persuading people to come back for more. You can expand the consumer’s shopping experience with options for 4-packs, 6-packs, 8-packs, 12-packs, and even 15-packs.

As people look to more environmentally conscious packaging, you can quickly ditch the conventional plastic handle on can cartons with sustainable paperboard instead. With Belmark’s Mindful Solutions, you can inspire consumers to feel confident in choosing your products because of naturally recyclable materials that include 15-30% post-consumer fiber and low carbon footprints. Belmark offers eco-friendly pressure sensitive labels, flexible packaging, and folding carton options to make choosing sustainable craft beverage and beer packaging accessible and more cost-effective. It’s an easy and strategic move that signals your brand’s attention to detail and commitment to the environment.

4. Seasonal Packaging

If the pandemic years taught beer brands anything, it has been the need for speed to successfully adjust to changes in retail and customer experience very, very quickly. With some parts of the US experiencing slowdowns or shutdowns that significantly affected the restaurant and hospitality industry.

But stocking in stores often brings its own set of challenges in terms of packaging and labels. Working with a partner to adjust printing needs is a valuable way to adapt to changes in demands or production very quickly (and without having to carry hefty inventory).

At Belmark, our solutions are designed to support small batch production. We work with breweries to support smaller runs of labels and packaging – in fact, we never require minimums. And we deliver the same high quality whether your seasonal offerings call for large or small orders. If your production shifts and you need quick or short runs of bottle labels, you can count on Belmark’s swift turnaround time (regardless of order quantity).

5. Unique Craft Beverage Design Trends

While soda, seltzer, and beer brands are no strangers to bold design, naming, and branding, influences from other verticals and brands are skewing trends in the direction of natural, healthy living, and environmental consciousness areas. This means that some brands and products are starting to adopt softer palettes and a simplified aesthetic.

That being said, one characteristic of beverage packaging that will never fade into the background is the use of vibrant, high-color branding. Neon colors, popping shapes, linear color blocking—these are just some of the most beloved and familiar design elements out there in the craft beverage world.

Whether you’re passionate about sharing your beer brand’s origin story, bold branding, or custom illustrations, the opportunities to translate your brand through beer packaging are endless. Get in touch with one of our packaging experts today. We make the process easy, are “all in”, and ready to guide you through every step from idea to finished product.

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