Coffee Packaging Considerations

There are many components to coffee packaging that coffee manufacturers must keep in mind when selecting their solutions. Some of these elements include: 

  • Size of the bag - What size (weight) will you offer consumers, and how might this affect your display on a store shelf?
  • Style of the bag - Is your product better suited to using a stand-up pouch, flat-bottom box pouch, or flat pouch?
  • Features of the bag - What type of valves, lining, and seals will help optimize the taste of your coffee as it makes its way to consumers?
  • Weight of the bag - Could opting for flexible packaging solutions help further reduce the item’s weight (and therefore shipping and storage costs) of your coffee packaging?
  • Sustainability - What degree of eco-friendly packaging aligns with your brand values and your consumers' expectations?

Particularly for ground coffee products, ensuring the best packaging can mean the difference between a customer brewing something that tastes like perfection or discovering that a product has dried out and lost its flavor in the bag.

Finding the Right Coffee Packaging Partner

As experts in the coffee packaging space, Belmark is uniquely equipped to help coffee companies get their beans and grounds into the right type of packaging. With a wide range of solutions available, coffee manufacturers can leverage options like Belmark’s Web-to-Print® solution, which offers quick turnaround digital printing without order minimums. With no order minimums this lets smaller companies test new blends or house special editions on their shorter runs. 

Choosing high-quality packaging for your coffee products not only strategically conveys your brand; it ensures their taste and quality for the end consumer. This can be a make-or-break for small batch producers but also attracts the attention and loyalty of shoppers whether they’re ordering online or grabbing your products at the store.

Find out how Belmark can help your coffee company put its best foot forward with the right packaging solution and consult a packaging expert today. 

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