Differentiating your packaging could mean adding simple usability features, slight design changes or tactile properties. Or, it could involve adding more premium characteristics, depending on your budget and other flexible packaging considerations. Belmark offers numerous value-adds at various price points to help meet the needs of both you and your consumer. If you’re looking to reach more consumers and stand out on the shelf, here are some features to consider.

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1. Visual Appeal

Visual design — graphics, the color scheme and strong branding — are key to setting your product apart from the rest. However, the packaging itself gives you even more ways to create a brand presence. Consider the following features for differentiating your packaging visually:

Metallic finishes: Metallic finishes help capture consumers’ attention with a flashy visual presence. These features can benefit brands from numerous industries that produce chips and snacks, beauty products, protein powder, coffee and more.

Rounded corners: Flexible pouches come off the press with squared corners, which may or may not fit your brand. Rounded corners provide a point of differentiation or can be used to communicate a premium product.

Infinite edge and clean cut: These features eliminate gaps in printing and along the tops of packaging. Infinite edge ensures your graphics bleed to the edge of the packaging (rather than stopping short of it). Clean cut is a process that ensures the two sides of the package aren’t mismatched at the top. Both characteristics communicate attention to packaging and a more sophisticated product, all with a relatively low investment.

2. Usability

By adding convenience and usability features, you show your consumers that you care about their needs and experience. The following value-adds can communicate that you value the consumer experience of your packaging (and your brand):

Laser Scoring: This feature allows for a clean tear when consumers open the package, which is particularly important for on-the-go consumers and seniors. Laser scoring can be used for single-use snacks, nutraceuticals, coffees, drink powders and pet treats.

Reclosable Zippers: Zippers add reclosability to pouches that consumers will use multiple times, such as coffee, shredded cheese, meats, nutraceuticals, snacks and pet treats. Reclosable pouches offer numerous benefits, including extended shelf quality, reduced product waste and a more positive experience of your product. Options range from economic to premium, with press-to-close, powder proof, easy tear and others.

Pour & Lok: Pour & Lok is a mini press-to-close zipper that provides a pouring experience when consumers use the pouch. This closure creates an easy way to pour and access snacks, cereals and other foods that come in small pouches. Pour & Lok is a simple, cost-effective way to add value to snacks packaging such as granola and sunflower seeds, without adding the cost of a premium, full-size closure.

3. Premium Upgrades

If you sell a premium product, premium packaging is a must. Packaging speaks volumes about the product inside of it and a brand’s willingness to invest in the consumer experience. Flexible pouch packaging upgrades could include:

Soft touch and matte features: These are tactile finishes that provide a pleasing, sensory experience for customers. Soft touch and matte finishes are often used for coffee, snacks, and premium pet food or treats.

Dual finish: Alternating matte and gloss finishes add an attractive, dynamic look to flexible pouches. Dual finish can be used for protein powders, nutraceuticals, coffee, and any premium product that you want to stand out visually.

Degassing valves: Degassing valves help preserve the quality of products such as coffee beans, and extend their shelf life. The valves work by slowly releasing carbon dioxide and other volatile gasses without allowing oxygen into the bag.

Lastly, when it comes to flexible packaging design and functionality your possibilities are nearly endless. Putting the consumer first should ultimately guide your packaging decisions and if you prioritize their needs, they’ll reward you by purchasing your product again.

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