The Importance of Brand Color Choice

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Color has the power to trigger emotion and influence reactions or behavior. Perhaps some of the earliest examples of color psychology or color theory occurred in ancient Chinese and Egyptian cultures.

These are a few examples of how color choice could be perceived in the marketplace:

White: Feeling fresh and clean, youthful, modern. 

Black: Power, luxury, mystery, authority.

Red: Dreaming of a red vehicle? Red is a bold, attention-getting color, so preferring this type of car might mean you want to project an image of power, action, and confidence.

Blue: Safe and stable, trustworthy, dependable. 

Yellow: Happiness, optimism, vitality.

Green: Health, wealth, growth, sustainability.

Therefore, anchoring your brand or product to the right-feeling color (and shade) can evoke the desired sentiment and lead to the action you want your customer to take. Are you trying to convey stability or are you trying to be innovative? Are you aiming to signal sustainability or are you ultra-luxury? What is your primary versus secondary or tertiary color scheme?

These are just some of the important questions that can be asked when developing your brand colors. And knowing how they’ll be translated into print and packaging is where the Belmark team can lend our expertise in helping you develop this brand translation most effectively.

Why Color Matters to Customers

It’s estimated that 85% of customers buy products based on color—do you really want to leave that valuable point of influence up to chance?

Brand colors have the power to evoke a feeling and connection. Translating those brand colors into marketing, product packaging, and collateral can make the difference between a customer building recognition and loyalty or feeling inconsistency in your presentation.

By understanding your product’s quality, features, and performance, you can design an intentional brand experience that is rooted, among other things, in the color that best represents your product and what it stands for.

And by understanding the consumer’s thoughts, intentions, and buying behaviors, you can translate that brand experience in a way that seamlessly fits into their lifestyles. It’s why you can go down the soft drinks aisle on autopilot and instinctively pick up a blue, red, or burgundy soda bottle without having to think. The consistency of brand packaging delivers every time.

By taking the time and care to ensure you have consistent colors and consistent printing on packaging, you’re setting your customer up for a much easier and intuitive shopping experience.

Printing and Color Consistency in Brand Colors

Once you’ve explored and set your brand colors, the next big challenge is to protect them by ensuring they’re translated accurately across digital and conventional print assets. From produce containers to printed cartons to bottle labels to flexible packaging, each touchpoint must hit the mark and stand out from competitors.

Whether you’re packaging snacks, beverages, vitamins or anything in between, Belmark’s packaging experts can help translate your brand and product with the latest label and packaging innovations. We offer specialized options for companies prototyping and testing straight through mass production.

Need to bring your concept or idea to life for a trade show, pitch meeting, or focus group? Belmark’s Launch™ Prototype Program offers handmade mockups and production-quality samples that you can get a feel for. Simply upload your digital art and let our team craft your one-of-a-kind prototypes. We (confidentially) craft prototypes for leading brands but unfortunately, we can’t tell you about them.

Quickly ramp up to production with Belmark's Web-to-Print®, an end-to-end digital printing solution for fast turnaround with low quantity packaging orders. It’s always high quality, convenient, with exceptional service.

Or explore our in-house Trident and Trident MAX printing capabilities which allow for low order quantities and shorter lead times. This technology offers high-quality label and packaging printing with unparalleled color and detail consistency in a cost-effective way.

Only Belmark brings together all the capabilities, to help you test your concept, launch at small quantities, then ramp up to full production. All the while, we’ll help you move your product quickly and seamlessly to the next stage, with complete color consistency and the efficiency to make the most intelligent use of your resources as you grow your business.

Curious to learn more about how you can better leverage your brand colors and packaging to deliver an extraordinary customer experience? Speak to a Belmark packaging expert today to find out more about the latest technology and trends in labels and packaging.

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