Critical Components of Coffee Packaging

At the core of all coffee packaging decisions are two crucial considerations — the coffee itself and the consumer enjoying it. Choosing the proper packaging for the type of coffee you’re producing can make the difference between maximizing shelf life or a product oxidizing and tasting poorly. Therefore, the critical element in coffee packaging is not just the type of packaging (side-fold coffee bags, standing packs, box pouches) but also the type sealing mechanism and valves for venting.

Because time is of the essence for successfully packaging your coffee production, having nationally-based coffee labeling and packaging partners that are quick and responsive can be a significant advantage to competitors that may try to produce their packaging on a larger scale. However, one aspect that typically remains a challenge despite improvements in material supply chains is the labor shortage to support the manual method of inserting freshness valves. By contrast, Belmark has the capabilities to insert freshness valves during production (and without the burden of manual work to do so).

What Small-Batch Producers Need to Know

When choosing and designing your coffee packaging, keep in mind the size of the roast bag and your valve needs. It can be challenging for small roasters to scale from small to large bags, and the standard valves of medium-sized roast bags can be a good middle ground.

As a coffee label and packaging company, Belmark offers the ability for companies to leverage the power of Web-to-Print®, digital printing, which saves significant time. Leveraging digital printing offers companies unprecedented speed and scale that conventional printing simply can’t match—all without having to compromise on templates, features, finishes, or zippers. With digital printing, you can turn around printing in three weeks and get ahead of the curve and competition much more easily.

Additionally, taking advantage of Belmark’s Trident and Triden MAX printing offers enhanced color and detail that would otherwise be out of reach to smaller producers. Choosing matte, gloss, dual finish, and soft-touch finishes open the door for smaller producers to create exceptional coffee packaging that can show off their brand’s uniqueness.

Finding the Right Coffee Packaging Partner

Belmark’s unique approach and advanced technology help both small regional roasters and large producers hit the ground running with access to smaller print runs that don’t sacrifice quality and craftsmanship for speed. Choosing a coffee label and packaging partner with a broad range of expertise across a variety of food and beverage markets offers the benefit of diverse expertise in the practical side of packaging and the customer insight side of the industry. Belmark is dedicated to continuous improvement, and we leverage market insights across our portfolio of customers to help ensure that their products are always maximizing their presentation capabilities. We leverage learnings to help other categories succeed, like selecting alternative sealing mechanisms (perhaps one-touch resealable) and different compositions (like recyclable or high post-consumer waste content). It’s the little details that make smaller brands stand out in the eye of their local shoppers.

Making an impression in the coffee roasting market requires a dedication to high-quality labels and packaging that instantly reflects what the customer will find in the bag. Working with an expert partner like Belmark translates branding into labels and packaging in an easily accessible (and scalable) way for local companies and brands. Speak to one of our packaging experts to learn more about how you can approach coffee labeling and packaging.

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