Flat-Bottom Box Pouches

For brands that want to stand out in the retail aisle, flat-bottom box pouches offer an elevated look and feel that instantly draws consumer attention and interest. Premium brands, novelty products, and special edition products can differentiate through flat-bottom box coffee packaging. In addition, the pouches are available in a wide range of larger sizes, starting from 12-14 oz all the way up to 80 oz (or 5 lbs of coffee). Zippering options include press-to-close and powder proof zippers. Materials include clear, white, and metallic barrier films and tru-IMPACT® PCR films. Finishes available include gloss, matte, soft touch matte, dual finish: matte/gloss, and dual finish: soft touch matte/gloss. Degassing valves, infinite edge, and laser scoring are also available for flat-bottom box pouches.

Unlike stand-up pouches or flat pouches, standard lead times apply.

Stand-Up Pouches

As the go-to for coffee packaging bags, stand-up pouches offer great flexibility in packaging coffee. The size of packaging can range from 6-8 oz to 20-24 oz, making this a great option for companies offering a wide range of sizes and configurations. Choose closure and zippering options like press-to-close or powder-proof zippers. Packaging material options include clear, white, and metallic barrier films and additional features like degassing valves, infinite edge, and laser scoring. For brands that have environmentalism as a core element, tru-IMPACT® PCR films are also available. Designing your stand-up coffee packaging is extremely flexible with various finishes available, including gloss, matte, soft touch matte, dual finish: matte/gloss, and dual finish: soft touch matte/gloss.

Better yet, stand-up pouches, digitally printed, can be ready in three weeks or less.

Flat Pouches

For coffee brands needing smaller servings, facing space constraints, or undertaking sampling initiatives, flat pouches are a fantastic option that offers high quality and scalability. Often seen in the loose leaf tea market, flat pouches work great for smaller-serving ground coffee you might see at an upscale hotel or in a gifting package. They merchandise easily and make warehousing and storage a breeze, which benefits retail and hospitality partners. 

Digitally printed flat pouches for coffee can be ready in three weeks or less, making them an excellent option for brands that need to get their product in market quickly and efficiently.

Environmental & Efficiency Considerations for Coffee Packaging Bags

Belmark offers coffee packaging customers a wealth of expertise in the market and an attractive range of solutions to help bring any product to life. As coffee consumers become more informed about their purchasing choices' environmental and humanitarian impacts, coffee brands are stepping up to communicate their dedication to sustainability. With Belmark’s eco-READY™ and tru-IMPACT® solutions, brands can be confident that their packaging is good for the environment—and good for your bottom line. Our products are certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), and materials certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) with post-consumer recycled (PCR) content.

Additionally, our lead time is a fraction of current industry standards, delivering coffee packaging bags in three weeks or less. We can print what you want, when you need it so you get to the shelf first but with an agility to react to the constantly changing marketplace.

Coffee brands must ensure that their packaging aligns with their values and communicates them clearly to their end buyer. Working with a packaging partner that knows how to maximize your success is critical to meeting customer expectations and strengthening retail partnerships. Learn more about Belmark’s coffee packaging solutions and speak with one of our packaging experts to see how we can help.

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