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Benefits of Extended Content Labels

Extended content labels solve one core problem: limited space. Maybe your product comes in a small bottle, has a long list of ingredients, or is complex to use. You need to communicate product attributes, instructions for using it, or brand messaging, or, you need to meet regulatory compliance. But, you can only fit so much messaging on a traditional, single-sided label.

That’s where extended content labels come in. Extended content labels allow printing on both sides, and often, on multiple panels, accommodating far more messaging than a traditional label. They’re offered in a variety of formats that depend on the amount of space you need, including fold-out, label-on-label, and booklet options. Extended content labels are often applied to bottles and other rigid containers, but they can also work with other packaging formats.

The additional space allows you to add promotions, expand brand messaging, provide consumer safety information, encourage the purchase of additional products, and reach multi-language consumers.

If you're considering extended content labels for your products, here are some questions to help guide your decision:

How much information are you required to include?

One of the most important facets of packaging is messaging, and for consumer product companies with compliance concerns or other considerations, on-package messaging is especially crucial. The following questions can help you determine whether you need an extended content label, and if so, which solution might be be 

  • How many product attributes or ingredients do you need to include?
  • Does your product require instructions for use or consumer safety?
  • Do you need to offer this information in multiple languages? How many?
Extended Content Label

At the same time, consumers have replaced restaurant outings with meals prepared at home, and they’re stocking up on more vegetables and fruits than ever as they focus more on their health and well-being. And when you use sustainable packaging, you’re not only minimizing your own carbon footprint, your customers can feel great about making an earth-friendly choice.

At Belmark, we’re obsessed with food science, which is evident in our patented quality assurance technology and our comprehensive respiration-testing analytics. For our partners, that translates to packaging that delivers the best quality on the shelf and the best product experience for your customers.

Let’s look at a few ways you can make produce packaging work harder—and smarter—for you.

nutraceutical label

What are the package's size and space constraints?

With space constraints as the primary reason for extended content labels, the package size and type ultimately drive labeling decisions. This is especially true for packages with very little surface area (such as tubes of lip balm) or products that require extensive instructions or multiple languages.

Fortunately, Belmark offers a wide range of extended content labels that work on various packaging sizes and types.

Our 720° Double Wrap solution, for example, is especially useful for very small containers on which you’d like advertising, informational, and mandated content all on one label. With this solution and others (such as booklets), you can protect customers and limit liability by providing directions, warnings, and other key information.

Finding the Right Extended Content Label for Your Product

These are just a few of the options your brand can utilize for adding content to your product labels. Talk to us today about how an extended content label can benefit your brand. We’ll work with you to find a solution that works within the space constraints of your packaging and more importantly, helps meet your business goals.

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