Flat Bottom Box Pouches

Flat bottom box pouches are another way to experience the benefits of standup flexible packaging. Flat bottom pouches can hold more weight and are more stable than basic standup formats, making them particularly useful for heavier products, such as protein powder, whey or coffee. They are often used for larger quantities of these products, whereas a standup pouch would be more effective for single-serve coffee products, for example.

Flat Pouches

Flat pouches without the standup feature are an economical, space-saving solution for snacks, coffee and food brands. They allow for easy stacking, transport and storage of single-serve, shelf-stable or frozen products. Among these benefits, flat pouches are also efficient and easy to fill and seal during the packaging process. 

Like other pouch packaging types, flat pouches are easy to customize. Adding laser scoring, vibrant graphics, Pour N’ Lok closures and other pouch packaging level-ups can set you apart on the shelf without the cost of more premium options.

Sustainable Flexible Packaging Types

Between consumer expectations, retailer demands and stronger sustainability regulations, sustainable packaging has become a must regardless of packaging format. Belmark offers several sustainable packaging solutions, including:

  • tru-IMPACT®  Sustainable Packaging Solutions: Flexible packaging solutions with options for responsibly sourced materials and post-consumer recycled (PCR) content. 

  • eco-READY™ Recyclable Packaging: Flexible packaging that can be recycled through the Store Drop-Off stream featuring the How2Recycle® label.

Both of these solutions help you walk the talk when it comes to sustainability. Learn more about tru-IMPACT®  and eco-READY™ flexible packaging at Belmark.

Getting Started with Pouch Packaging That's Right for You

With the numerous packaging types available, finding the right format doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. Belmark can guide you through the flexible packaging types that are right for you and your products. Our research and development team, Launch™ Prototype program and flexible packaging experts can help you go to market with functional, on-brand and attractive packaging on the timeline you need it. And, we offer no order minimums and a lead time of three weeks or less so you can get to market faster.

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