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You're a nutraceutical manufacturer who wants to stay ahead of the trends. You're continuously innovating, adding new products to your portfolio to meet market demand. You're growth-minded, and you want to sustain that growth across all of your products.

Whether you've launched a product or are building an entirely new brand, packaging plays a critical role in creating brand equity and making an impression, particularly in the nutraceutical space. If you're looking to distinguish your nutraceutical product from the rest, here's what you'll want your packaging to accomplish.

1. Powerful, Consistent Branding and Design

Straits Research estimates the global nutraceutical market to reach $987 billion by 2030 as consumers increasingly prioritize health, wellness, and self-care. Given these numbers, we can expect more nutraceutical products than ever to hit store shelves in the coming years. Brands that set themselves apart on the shelves are well-positioned for success among new, health-conscious consumers. 

Nutraceutical packaging offers a crucial opportunity to build brand equity. One of the main drivers of vitamin, supplement, and nutraceutical purchases is attractive packaging, and solutions such as folding cartons reinforce your brand while communicating quality.  

Offering plenty of real estate for billboarding and an added layer of protection, folding cartons for nutraceuticals benefit you and the consumer. With a multi-sided secondary container, you can build brand awareness and equity, and the consumer can experience confidence that your product is safe, premium, and effective. 
Render of Belmark folding carton option for nutraceutical packaging

Folding cartons are excellent solutions for vitamin and supplement packaging, providing an extra layer of protection and more space for your message.

2. Ample Real Estate for Communicating Your Message

The billboarding effect is also valuable for communicating brand messaging and product attributes. While labels and rigid containers offer some space for messaging, that space is limited. Folding cartons allow for messaging on all sides of the container, including the inside. That means you can go beyond basic product information such as ingredients and instead communicate benefits, features, and even brand values. You can also include QR codes, sustainability points, or calls to action with the additional space.

3. Color Matching Across All Packaging Components

Consistent, vibrant colors are integral to the consumer experience of a brand. Since most supplement packaging involves multiple materials for printing—the label, secondary container, and the film—it's common to see variations in color between them. These variations can damage a consumer's perception of a product or brand or, at the very least, create an inconsistent experience. 

To keep your branding uniform, look for nutraceutical packaging suppliers with high-quality printing and color-matching capabilities. Advanced printing technologies allow you to utilize dynamic, engaging color options and finer details to reach consumers, regardless of material or finish. These abilities can make all the difference when you're competing in a rapidly growing market like nutraceuticals.

4. Value-Adds That Increase Shelf Appeal

The packaging industry continuously innovates to help CPGs grow, and nutraceutical brands are uniquely positioned to take advantage of some of the most exciting packaging features. Metalized material, dual-finish, back printing on folding cartons, and responsibly sourced packaging are just some of the options nutraceutical brands can utilize to stand out. Embossed images or text on folding cartons also create a memorable experience, as tactile features create a sensory connection with your product. These options not only compel consumers to buy—they show consumers that you care about their experience as much as they do. 

5. Partnership, Speed, and Flexibility at Every Stage of the Process

Unique packaging features are essential to your product's success. But the most vital aspect of your packaging is your supplier. To stay in the game, you need a fast, adaptable partner that can scale with you as your business grows. Look for supplement packaging manufacturers that are flexible enough to offer you solutions on your timeline according to your unique needs. Doing so will help you avoid getting stuck with excess packaging—or worse, missing out on a retail opportunity.

Belmark Folding Cartons: Nutraceutical Packaging That Works for You and Consumers

Whether you're looking to package a new product or refresh a design for one of your existing offerings, Belmark will partner with you to find what works—for you and your consumers. We deliver all of your nutraceutical packaging needs, including pressure sensitive labels, flexible packaging, folding cartons, and sustainable supplement packaging under one roof to create efficiencies, brand equity, and most importantly, business growth.

Choosing Belmark means unparalleled speed, flexibility, and service. With industry leading lead times and no order minimums, we work according to your timeline so you can respond to consumer demand and get your products to market faster. 

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