Belmark Graphic Express: Quick-Turn Printing and Graphic Upload

Belmark Graphic Express is a tool that streamlines the label printing process. With Graphic Express, you can send your artwork straight to print at any time, simply uploading your file set to the appropriate specifications. With a lead time of 72 hours or less, this tool is essential for quick-turnaround label projects. It is especially useful for basic labels, minor changes and repeat orders. 

These features cut down on the time you have to wait for your label due to email exchanges or the traditional proofing process, which can add unnecessary time to basic or quick-turn projects. Like The Belmark Link, Graphic Express makes packaging and communicating with your packaging supplier more efficient and allows access to it when it works for your schedule.

Belmark Checkmark: Streamlined Proof Approvals

Belmark Checkmark is a web-based artwork management application that helps organize, manage and deploy your projects with greater efficiency, accuracy and speed. Using automated workflows, Checkmark speeds up the process of developing a proof and sending it to you. In the application, you can quickly accept or reject the proof, request changes and leave comments for Belmark to review. You can also compare proofs to previous versions, easily viewing what’s changed and ensuring accuracy.

Checkmark is a valuable tool for quality and accuracy, with features that represent the size, varnish or finish placement, color measurements and other specifications. In addition to speed and efficiency, with Checkmark, you can rest assured that your labels will come to life as you requested them.

World-Class Customer Service

While these tools bring packaging into the digital marketplace, it's people who stand behind them — people who share our commitment to world-class customer service. From onboarding sessions that train you how to use these tools to guidance throughout your projects, we’re here to deliver efficiency and service at every step. Our streamlined service platforms, in tandem with your dedicated account team, keeps your project moving and gets your product to market quickly.

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