What Are Specialty Laminates?

Specialty laminates are a way to enhance the visual, tactile and functional qualities of your packaging. They are applied over pressure sensitive labels to create your desired effect, whether that includes refracting light, creating a unique texture or protecting your label from scuffs or other damage. Specialty laminates add a layer of complexity to your label to help distinguish your product on the shelf, reinforce your brand and create a premium experience.

These label enhancements are particularly valuable for premium craft beer, wine and spirits, personal care, beauty and nutraceutical products, but their applications are nearly limitless. Talk to Belmark about how specialty laminates can work for your specific product.

Types of Specialty Laminate to Take Your Label to the Next Level

This exciting new suite of laminates includes highly visual and tactile features. Brands have increasingly adopted distinctive visual designs and experimented with embellishments, dual finishes, gloss and matte features. However, Belmark’s laminates build on those qualities to make labels even more complex and gripping. 

You can now add the following features to your packaging label:

  • Holographic: Add a brilliant finish to your label and highlight design and graphic elements with dynamic light refraction. Our new holographic laminate goes beyond conventional holographic capabilities, which refract silver light, to include a wider spectrum of colors. Holographic laminates work well for products like protein powders, supplements, beauty products and personal care items. They can also make clear labels more eye-catching, allowing you to show off your product while capturing consumers’ attention.

  • Grit: Add a sandy texture to your label to create a sense of ruggedness and durability. Both sensory and functional, the grit texture makes your packaging memorable while preserving the design and key messaging points. This laminate works well for health, beauty and natural products, wine and spirits and pet products. 

  • Linen: Create a elegant and luxurious feel with a laminate that simulates the look and texture of high-quality European linen. This laminate features a grain pattern and scuff-resistant matte finish, emanating an Old World feel on labels for spirits, luxury and beauty products.  

  • Leather: Offer a subdued, yet elevated feel on labels for spirits, craft beer, beauty products, personal care items and more. This laminate simulates the look and texture of high-quality, fine-grained leather, resulting in a luxurious, premium experience with your label and product. 

  • Ultra Soft Touch: Leave a lasting impression with a dynamic, yet delicate tactile experience. The ultra soft touch laminate is ultra-matte and smooth, mimicking the texture of a rose petal while offering durability and scuff resistance. It works well for beauty, personal care, coffee, wine and spirits, pet, craft beer and nutraceutical products. 

How to Choose a Specialty Laminate for Your Packaging Label

Each of these options gives you the potential to impress consumers and convey quality and luxury. To determine the right one for your label, consider the following questions:

  • What do you want to communicate about your product and your brand? 

  • What product features do you want to highlight? (Examples include durability, natural features, newness)

  • Do you want the label to be the star of the show, or the product? Will the label be see-through?

  • Which option best fits — and builds on — your brand essence?

  • Which best builds upon the label’s visual design and brings it to life? 

  • Which visual and tactile experiences reinforce the emotion you want consumers to feel?

These questions can help you narrow down an option that works for your label and product. Belmark can also walk you through the options and the best applications for them. Talk to us today to get started.

Enhanced Labels From a Proven Packaging Partner

Ready to level up your label? At Belmark, we pride ourselves on going beyond a packaging supplier. We work with you as a packaging partner, helping grow your business with strategic packaging and labels. With a proven history in label engineering and production, we’re here to guide you through your packaging label decisions. 

Our new laminate options are available using our Web-to-Print® service, a digital end-to-end solution that allows you to get what you need, when you need it. 

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