What Are the Benefits of Good Packaging and Labeling Design?

Investing the time and resources in developing a brand means drilling down and effectively explaining your brand’s “why.” And there’s no better vehicle to do so than the visual opportunities that packaging and labeling offer. Leveraging your packaging and labeling includes not only showing off your branding but also communicating elements of your story, your product’s features and benefits, and the reasons a customer should believe in you. 

Whether it’s featuring a stunning color palette, your sustainability promise, or unique details about your product, every inch counts. No part of your packaging or label should be wasted space as everything connects back to building your brand’s value. And having great packaging and labeling ultimately leads to brand trust and recognition.

Good packaging and labeling design can also meet functional requirements like needing to communicate vital information like expiration dates, nutritional details, or regulatory content.

What Packaging and Labeling Products Can Enhance My Marketing? 

The options for choosing your packaging and labeling are limitless and can be essentially customized from top to bottom. There are a few key elements that most brands should consider when exploring the right type of packaging for their needs.

Pressure Sensitive Labels

Inform and impress with the power of a high-quality pressure sensitive label. Belmark’s top notch printing offers solutions that can be ready in as little as 48 hours (without compromising precision or color accuracy). The opportunities to customize your label’s finishes means you can leverage this precious space to truly stand out — foiling, embossment, tactile varnish, and dual finish options help elevate Belmark customers across a wide range of industries. Better yet, recycling-friendly options can help ensure your brand is walking the environmental walk.

Flexible Packaging

Depending on your product and its requirements, you can choose from a wide range of flexible packaging options like stand- up pouches, eco-friendly kraft paper, and resealable zipper pouches. Able to house anything from coffee beans to tea leaves (or pet treats and protein powders), flexible packaging is a great choice for many industries and can be produced in an eco-friendly way. Plus, with Belmark’s Web-to-Print® digitally printed pouches, you can get your packaging in three weeks or less without any minimum order quantity (MOQ).

Folding Cartons

Super flexible and customizable to design, folding cartons offer excellent real estate to make an eye-catching impression. Tailor your folding cartons to meet size and spec requirements with unmatched precision and color accuracy. Plus, your brand can incorporate sustainability-friendly options like post-consumer recycled content and recycling-certified materials.

Tap Into the Power of Prototyping

Launch packaging prototypes

As companies execute their product go-to-market strategies and compete in the consumer arena visual tool can help brands to survive. Whether developing a new product, re-branding, or just trying something new, the Launch™ Prototype Program by Belmark helps get prototypes in your hands quickly. Simply upload your design, let our team of experts hand-craft your prototypes, and get them shipped to your door in time for your next leadership meeting, trade show, or customer showcase.

Knowing what your customers expect and delivering a great product is just the first step in cultivating a long-term relationship with them. To really win hearts, minds, and wallets, a brand has to look the part to make it across the checkout scanner. Choosing the best packaging and labeling solutions for your needs is critical to helping sales and loyalty. Connect with a Belmark packaging expert to explore how you can use packaging and labeling to boost your brand and help your marketing hit the bullseye.

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