The numbers prove it. A report by First Insight’s reveals that 62% of Gen Z shoppers prefer to buy from sustainable brands, and a staggering 73% are willing to pay more for sustainable products. Moreover, Gen Z and Millennials are the most likely to make purchase decisions based on personal, social and environmental values.

Deemed “the torchbearers of sustainability” by First Insight, Gen Z is the largest generation and holds a lot of sway in purchasing power. That makes it advantageous for any brand with potential Gen Z consumers to prioritize sustainability wherever possible, including sourcing, production, the supply chain and packaging.

The Role of Packaging in Sustainability

At its core, packaging is functional. It preserves and protects your product. But the role of packaging has moved far beyond function. Now, it’s an important marketing tool and central to the consumer experience. Part of a positive consumer experience is showing you know and align with consumer values — and living those values out.

Much of the conversation around packaging sustainability has foregrounded waste (namely plastics) reduction. For many brands, eliminating plastics — or packaging entirely — is unrealistic or unfeasible, having implications for food safety or product integrity. Fortunately,  includes, but extends beyond source materials and recycling, encompassing carbon emissions, energy consumption, water usage and other parts of the packaging life cycle. 

What Are Your Options for Packaging Sustainably?

Whether your target market includes Gen Z or other sustainably minded consumers, packaging sustainability is a here-to-stay trend — and a must-have. The good news is that you have more sustainable packaging options to choose from than ever, regardless of your product or packaging format. 

Flexible Packaging

If your product lends itself to flexible packaging, switching to this format from rigid options is a way to reduce source materials, waste, carbon emissions and water consumption while improving the consumer experience. For products like coffee, protein powder and pet food, flexible packaging offers a viable alternative to rigid plastics while providing sustainability gains.  

Recyclable Packaging

Whether you need sustainable flexible packaging, folding cartons or pressure sensitive labels, recyclable packaging offers a way to achieve your sustainability goals and appeal to new generations of consumers. Beauty products, nutraceuticals, pet food, snacks, coffee, food products and beverages, recyclable packaging appeals to consumers interested in plastics reduction and environmentally friendly practices.

Responsibly Sourced Packaging

Adopting packaging produced from post-consumer recycled (PCR) content is another way to improve your packaging sustainability. Solutions like Belmark’s tru-IMPACT® demonstrate your commitment to the circular economy and protecting natural resources.


Belmark offers 100% recyclable, metalized folding cartons, achieving both sustainability and aesthetic benefits for nutraceutical and beauty products, among others.

Sustainable Produce Packaging

Produce packaging is a major opportunity for sustainability gains. The right produce packaging can allow you to reduce food and plastics waste, extending freshness and shelf quality. Belmark’s Sealutions™ is an industry-disrupting product that minimizes use of plastics, increases product shelf-quality and delivers a winning consumer experience.

Package for Sustainably Minded Consumers with Belmark

Whether you’re interested in these packaging options or others, Belmark can guide you toward the option that works best for both your product and your consumer. With industry-leading lead times, no order minimums and world-class customer service, Belmark helps you go to market on the timeline you need it while reducing packaging obsolescence and other barriers to success. And, our commitment to sustainability means continuous innovation within our products and processes to give you even more ways to go green and win over sustainably minded consumers.

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