Shifting Powder Pouch Packaging Trends

While powder pouch packaging (like protein powder or collagen powder) can often be found in plastic tubs, consumer preferences have shifted to functional and aesthetically-pleasing packaging. In addition to failing to meet the look and style the market demands, plastic tubs can pose serious limitations for warehousing, shipping costs, and shelf space. They also don’t help convey a sense of innovation which is at odds with the key differentiators promoted by health-focused companies.

Instead, opting to package protein powders with pouches offers sports and nutrition brands a wide range of benefits.

Flexibility in Protein Pouch Packaging

Using pouches for packaging offers unparalleled flexibility in design, sizing, and value. From a design standpoint, companies can customize their printing and packaging quickly and efficiently through Belmark’s Web-to-Print®capabilities. Web-to-Print® provides companies of all sizes with fast, high-quality packaging that doesn’t require a minimum order quantity (MOQ). Low MOQs are a game-changer for new brands and products raring to get going with minimal liability.

Pouch packaging’s compact and lightweight features also make it an excellent option for storage, warehousing packed goods, and shipping. Empty pouches take up little space, while filled pouches minimize unnecessary shipping costs and make retailers’ lives easier with their lightweight materials. In addition, displaying your product with a pouch allows retailers to merchandise a billboard effect at shelf while creating more space to minimize out-of-stocks.

Protein Powder Packaging Needs & Opportunities

Much like other nutrition and wellness products, protein powder has unique requirements to maximize shelf quality and freshness for the consumer. Protecting against moisture, light, and oxygen helps maintain the integrity of protein powder. Choosing to use a pouch offers a high-quality way to preserve the protein powder. Additional laminates, linings, and zippers are available to tailor your protein powder packaging to any specific needs you may have.

As market preferences shift to more eco-friendly purchasing behaviors, pouch packaging is well-positioned to include more sustainable packaging options. Whether it’s designing for reusability or choosing recyclable materials, the innovative development of Belmark’s sustainability offerings (like eco-READY™ packaging options) are at the cutting edge of the packaging industry.

Scaling with Pouch Packaging

Choosing pouches for packaging benefits companies looking to expand their product size offerings or ranges. Pouches are available in various sizes, which means it’s possible to offer customers anything from sampler size pouches to family-size products. 

As your brand grows and evolves, so will your product, which is why Belmark has broken down the barriers of testing new or limited edition offerings with our unique Launch™ Prototype Program. Let our team of packaging experts bring your concept to life with quick-turn prototypes that speed up your go-to-market decision.

Connect with a packaging expert today and learn more about your packaging options. 

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