Prototyping: An Essential Stage of Packaging Design

Prototypes are a critical first step in a new product launch. Belmark’s Launch Prototype Program delivers production-quality samples that can set the stage for your product’s path to growth. Prototypes afford you the opportunity to correct issues and make design changes prior to printing and presenting to retailers and investors. Done right, prototypes allow you to see and feel the package as it will appear on the shelf and serve as a catalyst for success when a product is ready to scale to full production runs.

Early phase product development is a crucial period where prototypes can establish brand consistency between the design and printed packages, packaging types (flexible packaging and folded carton, for example), and even between retailers. Consistent branding allows for the perception and recognition of your brand and can positively impact the relationship between you, your investors, and your retailers.

Your Product Lifecycle Partner

Choosing a packaging supplier with prototyping and manufacturing capabilities is paramount in helping your product transition from the infancy of product development to mainstream success. Belmark’s wide range of packaging solutions – pressure sensitive labels, flexible packaging, and folding cartons – eliminates the stress of having to juggle numerous manufacturers as your product needs expand and your business grows.

Belmark’s unique arc of innovative packaging solutions supports brands regardless of where they’re at in the product lifecycle. Web-to-Print® digital printing pairs unprecedented speed and lower quantities so that your brand gets to market fast and ahead of the competition. When brands are ready to scale to longer-run quantities, Trident MAX marries speed and 

Product Packaging

quality resulting in eye-catching packaging that is cost-effective with vibrant color and detailed consistency. Our innovation, technology, and packaging expertise at every stage of product growth reduces risks and allows products to seamlessly move from proof of concept and launching in small quantities to ramping up to full production – profitably.

At Belmark, you will find partnership with a dedicated team that draws on rich experience and knowledge from every product and service area relevant to your needs in tandem with insights, solutions, and validation along the way. Our printing technologies and manufacturing processes bring your prototype to life with high-quality packagingcustomization options, and guidance throughout the process —so when you’re ready to scale, the manufacturing process is more efficient and your product gets to market faster.

What You Need. When You Need It

Belmark’s unique service model allows you to get what you need when you need it. Whether you need to scale from prototype to full production or a trial run, no order minimums and industry-leading lead times offer you an advantage in the marketplace. Our fluidity and flexibility allow you to go to market or pivot to a different product faster, without interruption to packaging inventory or the added cost of obsolescence.

Inventory — both too little and too much — can also hinder your growth. With too little inventory, you can’t scale to meet market or retailer demand on the timeline you need, impacting your sales numbers and your relationship with retailers and consumers. Too much inventory leads to obsolescence, packaging waste, and ultimately additional and avoidable costs.

Working with an adaptive, experienced packaging partner can help you navigate the unpredictability of the marketplace. Brands can enter the market with smaller orders and lower investment - minimizing packaging outages and obsolescence – but with increasing agility and responsiveness to market demands while growing their business quickly and profitably.

How Belmark Can Help You Scale - On Your Timeline, at Your Pace

Offering packaging expertise and prototyping, production, and printing capabilities all under one roof, Belmark works as a partner in your packaging decisions. We help remove the complexities and chaos that result from working with multiple suppliers, scaling products in unpredictable markets, and meeting retailer and investor expectations. We work to develop close relationships with our customers and understand your goals and situation, so you can focus on the growth of your business.

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