Why Create a Packaging Prototype?

Prototypes provide a critical opportunity to touch, feel and see how your new package will look from every angle. While digital proofs offer a view of the end package, it is one-dimensional and limiting, requiring you to imagine the three-dimensional, constructed package. Prototypes give you the chance to hold the printed package in your hands and understand what it truly looks and feels like. This ability to “preview” the physical package is just as crucial as the design, and much harder to predict from a visual proof alone. 

Creating a prototype allows you to further enhance your design, spot and address any flaws, or leverage the package in presentations before it ramps up to full production. In short, prototyping helps you impress your customers and ensure a successful, seamless product launch.

When Should You Get a Packaging Prototype?

Having a prototype is useful in countless scenarios, like:

  • Tradeshows
  • Packaging redesigns
  • Assessing a new graphic design, package size or style
  • Product launches
  • Presentations to potential investors
  • Time-sensitive demonstrations to retailers 

In these scenarios, prototypes can help you visualize the packaging and showcase features including dual finishes and dynamic color schemes, as well as tear notch closures and hang holes to influence key decision makers.

For entrepreneurs and startups, prototypes help investors and retailers see your product come to life— from concept to reality. Industries with rapidly changing consumer expectations, such as pet food, nutraceuticals, and coffee companies can also benefit. Consumers in these industries increasingly expect premium features, complex visual designs, tactile components, and closures to help signal premium packaging (and products). A prototype allows you to see these features in practice before you make the investment. 

How to Get a Prototype—Fast

Prototypes have clear benefits, but one of the barriers is speed. Once you’ve decided you want a prototype, talk to your packaging supplier about their process and turnaround time. At Belmark, we understand this, which is why we work to turn around your prototype in 5–7 business days after proof approval. That way, you can be on your way to wow your next retailer, investor, or tradeshow attendee without having to wait on your packaging. 

Launch Benefits

Scale Your Business With Launch™ Prototypes

Belmark’s Launch™ Prototype program gives you the opportunity to see how your product will appear on the shelf with high-quality, handmade mockups by our packaging experts. Our Launch™ Prototype team is committed to quality and confidentiality. They will handle your project with care and produce a production-quality, visually appealing design that you can use to grow your business. Once you need a full run, it’s easy to scale—we can move your mockup seamlessly into full production.

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