Whey Protein Container

The best pressure sensitive labels make the best first impression

Whey Protein Container

When your product hits the market, you need it to look its best. It has to communicate your brand. Inform customers. Impress them. That’s what great pressure sensitive labels do. They tell your story through look, feel and function. Through color and quality that captures customer attention and doesn’t let go.

There are plenty of pressure sensitive label manufacturers to choose from. But at Belmark, we continually invest in the tools and the team to outperform and outserve them all. We’ll be a passionate, quality-driven partner. And we’ll bring you innovative pressure sensitive label solutions that drive sales and grow your brand.

Unmatched precision and color accuracy
As little as 48-hour turnaround with Web-to-Print®
Wide variety of unique materials and finishes
Fast, cost-effective options with Trident and Trident MAX

High-End Label Finishes

Creating a multi-sensory packaging experience gives your products and brand a high-quality and high-value appeal. Draw your audience’s attention by adding a sensory look and feel that enhances the overall appearance and sophistication of the finished product.

Provides a light-reflecting visual effect of metalized foil that is transferred to the label surface.
Creates a raised area from the flat surface of the label, giving those design elements depth and texture.
Tactile Varnish
Has two aesthetic qualities; a gloss visual effect and a physical feel. The varnish is raised from the surface of the label.
Dual Finish
Provides a visual aesthetic of glossy areas contrasting with dull areas in the design of the label. The neutral dull areas within a design bring attention to the colors that illuminate in the glossy areas.

Extended Content Labels

While brand and product marketers may want to design a simple, straightforward experience for customers, the reality is that many products may need to over-communicate. Regulatory requirements, in-depth instructions, and multiple languages may need to be affixed to your product. Here are ways to extend your messaging and improve the marketability of your products.

  • Fold-Out Labels: To help keep customers engaged, fold-out labels can do the heavy lifting of instantly-redeemable coupons or extra information.
  • Label-On-Label: A label-on-label option can help expand the real estate available to communicate.
  • Booklet Labels: Incorporate the best of both worlds with labels that not only fold out but can also be resealed for maximum convenience.
  • Double Wrap Label: A double wrap label can be your big hero when you’ve got small space challenges. This extended content label can wrap around a bottle twice (for up to 720° of coverage on small bottles).
Extended Content Label

Mindful Solutions: Belmark’s Commitment to Sustainability

You know sustainability is important—to what you believe, to your brand and to your customers. At Belmark, we feel the same. And we take proactive steps to help you add to your own sustainability efforts by leading the way in sustainable packaging solutions.

tru-IMPACT® offers responsibly sourced packaging with post-consumer recycled (PCR) content, including pressure sensitive labels, flexible packaging and folding cartons. With tru-IMPACT® pressure sensitive labels, you can reduce waste, with options that are certified as responsibly sourced by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and/or use various levels of PCR content.

eco-READY is a line of recyclable pressure sensitive labels, flexible packaging and folding cartons. eco-READY pressure sensitive labels can be made with recyclable materials and use washable adhesives for easy removal at the recycling center.

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Customer Success Story: A Large-Vineyard Look for Less

Our customer, a mid-size vineyard, wanted bottle labels that could compete on the shelf next to the biggest names in wine. See how Belmark found a creative label solution for the high-end look of a large vineyard—without the high-end price tag.

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