Belmark Family,

The world and communities we live in continue to open up, however, the COVID19 pandemic is still active and our safety precautions remain necessary to prevent spread. We are introducing some new items as well as an update to our phased approach – please review the below carefully.

Return of Remote Employees to Campus – Update
The COVID Task Force is reviewing our approach daily and has agreed to slow down the pace in which we will welcome remote employees back to campus. Employees in small, select groups will still return beginning in July, however we will be reducing the number in each group. Employees asked to return to campus will be notified in advance and will be required to attend a COVID19 Safety Protocol Orientation to familiarize themselves with all the safety procedures in place to combat the spread of COVID19.

Our employees who did not leave campus have demonstrated success with our safety practices and kept each other safe – we will continue to make this our number one priority. We will monitor our campus environment closely and ensure all safety protocols are practiced and enforced with our current and our returning employee group.

Vacation Pay Out Option
Effective 03/23/2020 Belmark removed the cap on vacation rollover and permitted all accrued vacation to rollover. We realize some individuals may have large amounts of vacation, or plans have changed due to COVID19. Due to these circumstances, we would like to extend the option to be paid out for a week’s worth of accrued vacation time on your anniversary date, both salaried and hourly employees are eligible.

Anniversaries between 03/23/2020 and 03/22/2021 will be eligible for this pay out option. You must have at least 1 week rolled over to be paid out to be eligible, and must take the full week in the pay out, no partial week payouts are permitted. We believe time away from work is beneficial, so any additional vacation over the 1 week’s worth of time cannot not be included in the payout.

If you are interested in the payout option:

  • You must inform your manager at least 1 week in advance of your anniversary date
    For anniversaries between 03/23 and 07/01 please request payout through your manager no later than Tuesday, June 30th. Late requests for payout will NOT be accepted.
  • If you are unsure of your anniversary date, please reference Kronos or ask your manager

Outdoor Fitness Classes and Opening of Locker Rooms
Effective July 6th, 2020, we will host outdoor fitness classes and open the locker rooms, with the following limitations:

  • Outdoor fitness classes will require you to bring your own equipment (yoga mats/towels/water bottles/etc)
  • Outdoor fitness classes are subject to cancellation due to weather – they will not be moved indoors
  • Outdoor fitness classes are open to all Belmark employees – Remote employees may attend an outdoor class but are not allowed to enter Belmark facilities
  • Locker rooms will be open to on-campus employees – only 1 employee is allowed in the locker room area at a time. Please use the provided sanitizer when entering and leaving the locker room area.
  • The Fitness Center will remain closed until further notice

The COVID19 Taskforce continues to meet daily to discuss all aspects of COVID-related procedures. Please stay tuned for further updates. Thank you for your continued commitment to the safety and wellbeing of yourself, your family and your colleagues!