Happy Friday! There is still time to stop in and get your COVID19 vaccine at the Welmark clinic today.  The vaccine is available for employees and their familiesJ

Welmark is hosting a walk-in vaccine clinic for the J&J, single dose vaccine, on Friday, May 21st from 7:00am – 2:00pmAny employee who receives the vaccine is eligible for an additional 2 hours of pay (regardless if done over work hours) and another COVID day.  Employees who received the Pfizer shot during the first clinic will also receive their 2nd dose of Pfizer on this day.

Details regarding the J&J option are attached and below:

What: J&J COVID19 Vaccine

Number of doses: One

Date: Friday, May 21st

Where: Welmark Clinic

Time: Walk ins accepted anytime between 7:00am – 2:00pm – no appointment needed!*

*Inform your supervisor you wish to attend the vaccine clinic.  You must punch out for the vaccine and punch back in for work.  Notify HR of your vaccination and we will add in 2 hours of paid time plus the additional COVID19 day!