Advanced, proprietary printing technology for greater shelf impact and reduced total cost

In today’s rapidly changing markets, you need to be agile. Able to respond to opportunities quickly, with a product that will stand out on the shelf. That’s why we’ve brought together the best technologies, processes and people to develop Trident and Trident MAX. It’s a pioneering approach created to bring you high-quality label and packaging printing with enhanced color, detail and cost efficiency. And it’s one way Belmark can help you maximize your sales growth and profitability.

Enhanced color consistency
Finer print detail
Shorter lead times, less need to hold inventory
Lower total cost for mid-run and longer-run quantities
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How Trident Works

Trident and Trident MAX bring together the best in printing technology, cutting-edge processes and highly skilled people. The result is greater value to you, with enhanced color, consistency and efficiency.


Trident is an evolution in process printing that combines the most advanced prepress and press technologies to give you better color consistency, superior print registration and finer detail. With Trident, you’ll get dynamic, eye-catching packaging, faster and at a lower total cost.

Trident MAX

Belmark’s Trident MAX process further reduces lead times and costs by using fixed colors in fixed printing decks. Which gives you packaging with color that’s always to spec, and high-quality printing that’s more vibrant and carries finer detail. All with the value and speed-to-market that can help you profitably grow your business.

People, Process, Technology: Our Trident Philosophy


Structured, in-depth training. A defined path for success. We invest in our people to strengthen individual skills and build a stronger Belmark together.


Lean manufacturing. Statistical process control. All coming together to provide industry-leading quality and quick turnaround times.


Cutting-edge print technology. Advanced equipment and automation. Proprietary capabilities. We reinvest in the company to stay ahead of the competition.

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