More Freshness,
Less Plastic

Vertical Roots, the largest hydroponic container-farming operation in the U.S., aimed to replace its traditional clamshell packaging with a smarter produce packaging solution—one that would extend shelf life, be more eco-friendly, reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and provide a superior customer experience. It was a tall order, but Belmark rose to the challenge with a turnkey packaging solution spanning package design, prototyping, and testing and partnerships with trusted third-party vendors.

Partnering with Belmark provided all of these solutions under one umbrella, saving Vertical Roots time and resources while letting it stay focused on what it does best—producing fresh, flavorful, sustainably grown produce.

30% plastic saved by switching to Belmark film lidding
shelf life
30% extended product shelf life
35% cost savings after switching to new packaging
environmental impact
100% post-consumer recycled plastic used in new packaging
  • “When we first met with the Belmark team, we knew we were meeting with a vendor who listened to their customer and put service and quality at the top of the list.”

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Belmark Success Story eBook cover