Types of Labeling Products

Choosing the right marketing label sets your brand apart from the get-go. Here are different labeling product options to consider when bringing your brand to life.

Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure sensitive labels are an option that can check off multiple criteria boxes for product packaging and are the dominant form of labeling technology today. They do not require water, solvent, or heat to apply, making them easy to apply and versatile across various packaging surfaces. Belmark creates pressure sensitive labels with multiple styles and finishes with industry-leading printing quality and color consistency.

Extended Content Labels

While brand and product marketers may want to design a simple, straightforward experience for customers, the reality is that many products may need to over-communicate. Regulatory requirements, in-depth instructions, and multiple languages may need to be affixed to your product. Here are three ways to extend your messaging.

Fold-Out Labels

To help keep customers engaged, fold-out labels can do the heavy lifting of instantly-redeemable coupons or extra information. Made of a long substrate that is folded and adhered to the main product label, like an accordion, a fold-out label is designed for customers to unfold and engage with easily.


A label-on-label option can help expand the real estate available to communicate. Belmark offers peel-away labels that function like small adhesive pages, extending the available area for messaging by as much as 300% so that you can communicate exactly what’s needed.

Booklet Labels

Incorporate the best of both worlds with labels that not only fold out but can also be resealed for maximum convenience. Simplify the product experience for your customer with a label that retains and protects essential information through an expander that won’t fall off or get lost in the shuffle along the way.

Double Wrap Labels

A double wrap label can be your big hero when you’ve got small space challenges. This extended content label can wrap around a bottle twice (for up to 720° of coverage on small bottles). The double wrap label instantly expands real estate even on the smallest surfaces, from nutritional content to instructions. 

Digitally Embellished Labels

Add some extra pizazz to your marketing label with digital embellishments that help your product truly make an impression. Some of the most popular embellishments that Belmark provides include:

Foiling: Create a light-reflecting visual effect with crisp and shimmering areas that contrast with the rest of your label’s surface.

Embossing: Give your design elements depth, texture, and eye-catching dimension customers can touch and feel.

Tactile Varnish: Add a gloss finish that offers visual effect and a unique, distinct physical feel.

Dual Finish: Incorporate a mix of visual aesthetics using glossy and neutral areas to create emphasis and stimulate the senses.

Tactile Foiling: Enhance your foil design with a tactile option that helps make your product truly pop.

Variable Print: Customize and print data that changes on each individual label. 

The impact that marketing labels can have on your sales can be measured by branding recall and the moment of truth when a customer chooses your product over another in-store. While there are many product labeling options to choose from, a consultation with a Belmark packaging expert can help tailor the right solution for your product and budget. Get started with us today to learn more about how investing in labeling pushes the needle on brand recognition. 

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