5 Key Trends in Nutraceutical Packaging for 2022

Sustainability is the key when it comes to reaching millennials. Whether it’s paper or recyclable materials, all sorts of green and sustainable packaging solutions are top of mind when young shoppers make decisions. With this demographic also dialed into health and wellness trends, they are a market primed for packaging and labeling options that can influence them through confidence in their purchasing decisions

Maximizing security and shelf life are two critical ways to provide more confidence in your products. Child-proof, tamper-proof, and shipping-proof packaging are invaluable methods to protect your brand’s reputation. And with the increased demand for natural and organic ingredients, the need for packaging that can maximize shelf life and stability (often in the absence of conventional preservatives) is another important way to maintain the highest quality and loyal consumer opinions. From wraps to flexible packaging, there are various options to secure your products.

Combating counterfeiting is no longer reserved for fashion brands. From holograms and invisible inks to lot numbers and NFCs (near-field communication), a range of advanced labeling options is available that can meet any needs for enhanced security and brand protection. For example, NFCs have gained popularity in premium alcohol packaging to communicate authenticity and activity to a customer (like if the bottle has been opened or tampered with). Particularly for the nutraceuticals market, authenticity and trustworthiness reign supreme and adopting new technology can protect both customers and brands.

Precise inventory label counts help elevate the rigor of nutraceutical companies following Good Manufacturing Practices, much like the expectations of the traditional pharmaceutical industry and companies requiring FDA compliance. Belmark offers capabilities like consecutive numbering that help support audit requirements and inventory monitoring.

Supply chain security has become a top-of-mind issue for most manufacturers and producers over the past 20 months. Maintaining stable, reliable packaging suppliers has been the top issue we’ve fielded from prospective customers calling our packaging experts.

Special Considerations for Nutraceutical Packaging

You may have specific considerations to meet when it comes to the labeling and packaging of nutraceutical products. Consulting a Belmark packaging expert can help you ensure that any requirements are met and that you’re set up with the right solution. Available as Web-to-Print®, our digital solutions for pressure sensitive labels and flexible packaging help outfit vitamin and supplement companies with high-quality printing with a quick turnaround and no minimums.

Pressure Sensitive Labels

Extended content labels give you up to 300% more surface area to communicate your brand message, meet regulatory requirements, or accommodate multiple languages.

Decorative labels with digital embellishment options showcase the high-value of your product to stand-out on the shelves.

Flexible Packaging

Stand-up pouch options include laser scoring, infinite edge pouch trim, and several zipper options.

360 degree print on your bottle with printed shrink film.

Folding Cartons

Carton options add additional marketing space as well as protection and security for your product. You can fully customize to meet your specifications.

Belmark offers a wide range of packaging and promotional options. A consultation with a Belmark packaging expert can help tailor the right solution for your product. Get started with us today and find the right solution for your nutraceutical packaging needs.

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