Build your brand with eco-friendly labels, flexible packaging and folding cartons

Consumers are on the lookout for recyclable, eco-friendly product packaging more than ever before. For some types of packaging that’s simple. For others, easier said than done. But with the eco-READY line of pressure sensitive labels, folding cartons and flexible packaging, recyclability is within reach for nearly every kind of packaging you need. With eco-READY, you can add to your own sustainability story with eco-friendly product packaging options that display your values and align with environmentally conscious consumers.

eco-READY recyclable packaging allows you to offer:

Recyclable Food Packaging
Eco-Friendly Labels
Eco-Friendly Flexible Packaging
Eco-Friendly Folding Cartons

of consumers say recyclability is the most important aspect of environmentally friendly packaging

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Eco-friendly product packaging to show your commitment to sustainability

eco-READY™ Recyclable Pressure Sensitive Labels

Sometimes your product’s container is recyclable, but adding a label means a recycler won’t take it. And counting on consumers to remove labels isn’t a reliable solution. With eco-READY™ pressure sensitive labels, not only can you create eco-friendly labels with recyclable materials, but washable adhesives make it simple for recyclers to remove the label and recycle the container.

  • Options for recyclable polypropylene or paper stock
  • Washable adhesive to remove barriers to recyclability
  • Recyclable through standard recycling streams


eco-READYFlexible Packaging

Most flexible packaging can’t be recycled. With eco-READY, you can offer consumers eco-friendly flexible packaging that can be recycled through the Store Drop-Off stream featuring the How2Recycle® label.

  • Able to display the How2Recycle® standardized label to show recyclability
  • Recyclable through the Store Drop-Off stream
  • Available as a stand-up pouch, fold-over pouch (top or bottom fill), pillow bag or box pouch

Advantages of eco-READY™ Flexible Packaging

Eco-READY™ flexible packaging is high-barrier, all polyethylene (PE), recyclable pouch packaging that offers distinct sustainability benefits for consumers.

  • Made of a single resin type to ensure recyclability
  • Consumer purchases product, then returns the clean empty bag to Store Drop-Off recycling location
  • Film is recycled into composite lumber or non-food grade plastic resin
  • Saves plastic waste from ending up in the landfill

Recyclable flexible packaging displaying the How2Recycle® label

eco-READY™ allows you to communicate your commitment to sustainable packaging by displaying the How2Recycle®label.* How2Recycle®is a standardized labeling system designed to help forward-thinking brands empower consumers to make responsible choices through easy-to-understand recycling instructions.

*must be a member of How2Recycle to utilize logo on packaging.

eco-READY™ Recyclable Folding Cartons

With eco-READY™ folding cartons, you can choose from a variety of recyclable paperboard materials and finishes to fit the specific needs of your product. And all of our eco-READY™ folding cartons are responsibly sourced and certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI).

  • All eco-READY paperboard is recyclable through standard recycling streams
  • Paperboard/poly combinations can be recycled depending on local ordinances

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