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Smart consumers demand responsible products

tru-IMPACT Written inside a white circle

They’re reading labels. Checking out packaging. Looking for products that align with their values.

That’s why we’ve created tru-IMPACT®. With tru-IMPACT® by Belmark, you’ll have the option to create eco-friendly food packaging using film with a minimum 20% post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR). It’s one way to offer the sustainable food packaging your consumers are asking for. And it’s a commitment we aim to expand in the future.


of consumers say it’s important to them that the products they buy have packaging that’s made from recycled content

Flexible Packaging Association Survey by The Harris Poll (July 2018)

What is tru-IMPACT®?

With tru-IMPACT®, Belmark has introduced the first truly sustainable flexible packaging solution to reduce landfill waste. Here’s how it works.

Show your true colors with tru-IMPACT® sustainable food packaging

Belmark’s tru-IMPACT® eco-friendly food packaging allows you to make a statement in more ways than one. It’s approved for direct food contact and available with our Trident, Trident MAX and Web-to-Print® processes. Which means you’ll get the quality, color consistency and visual impact you can expect from any of Belmark’s solutions.

Our tru-IMPACT® post-consumer recycled plastic packaging comes in a variety of finishes for the look and feel that best fits your product:

Soft-touch matte
Soft-touch dual
Matte dual
Standard matte

With tru-IMPACT® sustainable food packaging, you’ll make an impact on the environment. And on the shelf.

Join the future of eco food packaging

Post-consumer recycled plastic is becoming an increasingly important part of the packaging industry. The more we can expand the PCR content available with tru-IMPACT®, the more we can keep products like soda bottles, water bottles and milk jugs out of the landfill.

As demand for eco-friendly packaging for food products continues to grow, the quality of PCR resin will increase. And we’ll be able to increase the percentage of post-consumer recycled plastic content available with tru-IMPACT® to 50%, 65% and beyond.

Show your commitment to sustainability with tru-IMPACT® by Belmark

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