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1. Build Brand Loyalty By Offering Quality and Convenience.

It’s a given that customers want packaging to keep their purchases fresher, longer, and be easy to use. In the extremely competitive world of retail, peel and reseal packaging provides an opportunity to set your brand apart on a crowded shelf and can even create an opportunity to command a premium price for a higher-quality product: The supermarket customer may not know what your cherry tomatoes taste like, but produce packaging with a resealable label on the lid tells him that you care about quality and he’ll have a better experience.

That’s because your customer knows peel and reseal packaging provide a more reliable experience and extend product freshness and integrity by reclosing to provide sealing as secure as the first time you open the package. Foods like salad kits, charcuterie platters and even baked goods stay fresher longer—and remain portable—when their packaging can be resealed. Better freshness, a better experience: It’s all part of your value proposition that’ll win that customer for life.

Increasingly health-conscious customers don’t always consume an entire package of food in one sitting, and don’t want to feel obligated to finish an open package. Peel and reseal packaging makes it a lot easier for customers to control their portions without having to repack their food in another container.

In the case of convenience foods such as deli meats and sliced cheeses, customers have come to expect resealable packaging and can become frustrated if they discover they have to repackage an open container. A peel and reseal label, on the other hand, differentiates your offering with a completely friction-free experience.

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2. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint by Reducing Waste.

When it comes to reducing waste, peel and reseal packaging wins on all fronts: It minimizes your footprint—and with 60 to 70 percent of shoppers stating that they'll pay more for sustainable packaging, it will benefit them and your bottom line. It reduces waste by providing an opportunity to customize packaging for product varieties such as dried grains and produce, deli meats, cheese and bakery rolls. And, it’ll help customers cut down on waste since they won’t have to store their products in secondary disposable packaging.

Belmark’s tru-IMPACT® sustainable packaging solutions include flexible packaging made from responsibly sourced materials and post-consumer-recycled content that saves plastic and paper waste from entering the landfill. All Belmark label solutions are available with our proprietary Trident, Trident MAX and Web-to-Print® processes, for unsurpassed print quality, color consistency and visual impact.

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3. Take Advantage of a Built-in Billboard.

A label is essentially bought-and-paid-for ad space; because peel and reseal packaging serves a practical function, it builds brand engagement by keeping your messaging in front of the customer throughout your product’s lifecycle.

Here’s where you can get really creative: Showcase ways to use your product, such as recipes, tasting notes, grilling tips or cosmetics application tricks. With 22% of customers stating that an informational label such as a recipe or serving suggestion makes them more likely to buy, don’t miss this chance to offer that enhanced value.

Ninety percent of consumers say they’re more likely to buy a product that has a peel-off instant savings coupon attached to the package. But why stop there? Take advantage of the opportunity to cross-promote complementary products in your portfolio, such as cheese and crackers, ice cream and toppings or cut veggies and dips. We’ll show you ways to make the most of promotional opportunities like these that’ll win more customers and move more products.

4. Partner With an Expert That Can Help You Adapt to Rapidly Changing Market Conditions.

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At Belmark, we know your market comes with unique challenges, and we want to help you create packaging that stops shoppers in their tracks. Our Sealutions™ line of sealed and resealable lidding film combines our pioneering printing technologies, state-of-the-art processes and highly skilled execution, for dazzling, high-impact graphics that make your product practically leap off the shelf. 

Let’s face it: Consumer preferences change all of the time, and they change fast. With no minimums, digital printing solutions and the fastest lead time in the industry, we make it easy for you to adapt your packaging to evolving market demands. You can keep lower inventories, minimizing losses. Not only will you reduce materials costs, you’ll bring updated products to market faster and keep those revenues flowing in.

At Belmark, we have the experience and expertise to create pressure sensitive labels and packaging for products of just about any size or shape; give us a call to explore ways we can work with you to develop a custom-engineered solution that’s perfect for your needs. We know changing packaging isn’t easy—that’s why we’re your “all in” partner, from concept to completion. We can’t wait to show you how to leverage our packaging experience, expertise and third-party partnerships to bring your products to their full potential, delight your customers and send your profits skyrocketing.

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