Meet the needs of today’s consumers with Sealutions™ by Belmark

Convenience. Freshness. Sustainability. Visual appeal. Today’s consumers are looking for products that check a value wish list. And it all comes down to packaging. From ready-to-go snacks and fresh produce, to resealable bakery goods or cleaning wipes, your product’s packaging can be your greatest advantage in being the first choice for consumers.

With Sealutions™ by Belmark, that advantage can be yours. Our Sealutions™ line of sealed and resealable lidding film allows you to go to market with packaging that’s eye-catching, eco-friendly and simple to use. It allows consumers to clearly see the quality of your product. Sealutions™ uses far less plastic material than equivalent clamshell packaging. And it comes with the quality and high-impact graphics you expect from Belmark.

Eco-friendly with minimal waste
Create on-the-go one-time snackable products or reclosable freshness for multi-serve products
Easily show off product quality (available in clear, metalized or white)
Peel, reseal and tamper-evident options

With Sealutions™ lidding, you can offer eco-conscious consumers packaging that reduces your plastic footprint.

Meet the Sealutions™ family of sealed and resealable packaging

One-Time Use Products

Simpleseal is a premium sealed lidding film that provides a one-time, easy-to-peel open and can be engineered to the exact needs of your product. Perfect for single-serve snacks, dips, deli meats, cheese cups, and other single-use products.

Readyseal encompasses a range of products—from simple and economical, one-time-open sealed lidding for quick and convenient meal kits or salads, to oven-safe or microwaveable lidding solutions with self-venting features for cook-in-package products. This product category is available with or without anti-fog plastic film and can incorporate either macro or micro laser perforations.

Resealable Products

Primarily created for fresh produce, but has application opportunity across a broad range of products, depending on performance needs. Topseal Reseal is a highly engineered solution that incorporates a film flange instead of simply the container flange to offer the best reclosure performance in the market. Topseal Reseal allows you to create resealable packaging with anti-fog film engineered to your product’s optimal respiration rate.

Ready reseal is ideal for opening and resealing, opiomal for fresh produce but can be used for a broad range of products depeneidng on performance needs. This film can accomodate up to 10 re-closures and is for use with PET containers.

Repeel Reseal is a superior sealing option that uses a die cut lidding film with a peel and resealable label. This highly engineer solution can be used in a variety of markets, such as fresh produce, meat, cheese, bakery and wet wipes.

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