Sustainability begins with Mindful Solutions

Being mindful is about understanding our impact. Recognizing how what we do every day affects the people and the world around us. And continually finding ways to make that impact a more positive one for ourselves and for all those we serve.

At Belmark, we’ve made a commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices. And we’re dedicated to providing our customers with the sustainable product solutions that help build your brand, too. Because that’s how we can do the most good. Together.

Advancing the field of environmentally responsible packaging

tru-IMPACT® Sustainable Packaging Solutions

With tru-IMPACT® by Belmark, you can now offer eco-friendly pressure sensitive labels, flexible packaging and folding cartons with options for responsibly sourced materials and post-consumer recycled (PCR) content. It’s a more sustainable approach to product packaging—and it communicates a commitment to sustainability that’s sure to connect with today’s consumers.

eco-READY Recyclable Packaging

Add to your own sustainability story. Reach environmentally conscious consumers. With eco-READY recyclable pressure sensitive labels, flexible packaging and folding cartons, you have recyclable packaging options to meet the needs of your product—and show how your own values align with what your consumers care about.


of consumers prefer products that are in sustainable packaging over those that are not.

Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) Survey by The Harris Poll (July 2018)

Our approach to sustainability

We take a broad view of sustainability at Belmark. Because it’s more than green initiatives or recycling programs. It’s about our responsibility to ourselves and to each other to create positive change in the world. That’s why we approach sustainability in three ways:

1. Society

Making a positive difference in people’s lives.

  • Regular auditing to meet rigorous ethical and compliance standards
  • Health and wellness programs for Belmark employees and families
  • Continued investment in student education and development programs
  • Ongoing support for local, regional and national events and charities
2. Economy

Responsibly building our business for the good of our people and community.

  • All business processes meet ISO 9001 standards
  • Web-based work process streamlines operations and enables future improvements
  • Consistent reinvestment plan ensures Belmark’s strength as part of the regional economy
  • At the forefront of energy-efficient and waste-reducing manufacturing technologies
3. Environment

Preserving and protecting our planet’s natural resources.

  • Entirely outfitted with energy-efficient, waste-reducing, next-generation printing presses
  • Process innovations significantly reduce the need for solvents and generate far less hazardous waste
  • Electronic-waste management processes keep up to 1.5 tons of e-waste out of landfills
  • Sustainability measures reduce 95% of potentially harmful emissions in flexible packaging plan

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