Finding and choosing the right label partner can open you up to leveraging unique technology, like digital printing or pressure sensitive labels. Pressure sensitive labels alone accounted for 77% of the total demand in 2020, and their popularity shows no signs of slowing down.

Why would you choose pressure sensitive labels for your wine and spirits bottles? Pressure sensitive labels don’t require heat, water, or solvent, making them extremely easy to apply to various containers, bottles, and packaging. They’re also very durable (think of your products having to withstand heat, cold, moisture, etc.). In essence— easy to apply and maintains your brand image throughout its entire lifecycle.

Labels tell your story through shape, feel and function. Through color and quality that captures customer attention and doesn’t let go. Many small businesses also look for label partners that can accommodate shorter runs for niche or small-batch products. And while there are always efficiencies and cost-savings to bulk buying goods, small producers often can’t commit to these quantities. Finding the right partner who will scale up seamlessly is imperative.

Digital Embellishment & Product Packaging Design

What makes for a memorable shopping experience? Studies show that a tactile experience results in a 70% higher retention rate than basic print branding. Keep this in mind when designing your packaging and consider incorporating digital embellishments that can make your product pop.

Some of the top requests for digital embellishment and product packaging design include:

  • Foiling on labels: Create a light-reflecting visual effect, resulting in crisp and shimmering areas that contrast to the rest of your label’s surface
  • Embossment on labels: Give your design elements depth, texture, and eye-catching dimension
  • Tactile varnish on labels: Add a gloss finish that offers visual effect and a distinct physical feel
  • Dual finish labels: Build a mix of visual aesthetics using glossy and neutral areas to create emphasis

Investing in digital embellishments on your labels and packaging can become that very signature “thing” that a shopper remembers and looks for. To get started testing these standout features, we often recommend our customers try small order quantities. Belmark’s quick turnaround times help you bring your product from launch to final product as your quantities scale.

Finding the Right Label and Creative Packaging Partner for Wine and Spirits Companies

The possibilities for creative packaging design in the wine and spirits industry are pretty endless. And although boundless creativity is a good thing, our experience in the field has also proven that you need a reliable, seasoned partner to advise your brand. Belmark has built a reputation not only for the wide range of packaging solutions we offer but also for our consultative approach to developing the right solution for our customers.

Speak to a Belmark label and packaging expert today and uncork the possibilities of your brand.

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