Quickly catch the eye with metallic foiling options that shimmer under lights and show dimension when inspected. Typically done in gold, silver, rose, or bronze tones, foiling can draw attention to names, logos, and background details in small or large proportions.


Adding tactile varnish to a label not only draws the eye with a glossy finish but also gives a unique sensation when you run your fingers over your wine bottle’s label. Adding this style of raised printing to a design instantly elevates the brand’s presentation, adding a feeling of premium quality even before being uncorked.


Embossment creates a raised area from the flat surface of the label, giving those design elements depth and texture. Embossment adds an eye catching dimension.

Dual Finish

A dual finish label is quite literally the best of both worlds. In using a mix of aesthetics, like glossy and neutral space, a dual finish wine label adds a unique and valuable dimension to a brand hoping to stand out to shoppers in a crowded space.

Bottle Label

How to Succeed with Wine Labels

Tell Your Story

Particularly for new brands that have yet to establish their cache, using your wine label to tell your brand’s origin story is a critical way to build a connection with the consumer resonance at every step. Whether depicting your history, mission, or values (or all of the above), an expertly designed wine label can convey valuable information to your consumer shopper in a memorable way

Signal Sustainability and Responsibility

In addition to showing your sustainability story through wine label design, an opportunity exists to choose environmentally-friendly packaging that supports your wine business while still conveying high quality. Aligning the printing of packaging through Belmark’s eco-READY™ options gives you another avenue to express what your wine brand stands for in the eyes of discerning enthusiasts

Meet Demands Faster and More Cost-Effectively

As local wineries and companies innovate in real-time, producing wine label ideas needs to happen faster and cost-effectively. Belmark proudly offers a comprehensive printing solution that reduces typical lead time and doesn’t require minimum order quantities. It’s a solution that works well whether you’re a startup or an established wine industry player. Adapting and shifting to consumer needs has never been easier to execute with an agile printing partner that can work with your specific needs and offering top-of-the-line materials and embellishments. So while other wine brands may struggle with timelines and shipping delays, you can confidently speed up your time to sale with Belmark.

Ready to explore your wine label ideas and see how you can boost your competitive advantage? Connect with a Belmark packaging expert today and learn more about wine label printing and production.

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