Challenge: Finding a partner to produce 1.5 million folding cartons—fast

Our customer had received a government contract to produce 1.5 million folding cartons. The timeline was tight—and missing a deadline for a government contract could be disastrous. The customer had been working with a different packaging manufacturer, so they contacted them to help with this opportunity. But the turnaround time was going to be 10 to 12 weeks. And this order needed to be ready in a quarter of that time. That’s when the customer reached out to Belmark.

Solution: High-quality folding cartons, created and delivered within two weeks

At Belmark, speed-to-market is one of our core values. Our team was able to source everything we needed to run this carton, at the quantity the customer needed. Most importantly, we could do it within their very tight timeline.

Still feeling the pinch, the customer awarded us the business. But any anxiety was soon gone—because the Belmark team was able to set up the graphics, run and ship their cartons within just two weeks.

Result: A government contract fulfilled on time—and the revenue that comes with it

The customer was amazed at Belmark’s ability to turn their order around so quickly. And it wasn’t just a matter of saving face—if they had missed the deadline for this contract, they would have faced penalties that cut into their revenue. And they may have missed out on the future contracts their business relies on.

Because that initial project was such a success, the customer has been able to earn further contracts for similar packaging runs. And they’ve continued to turn to Belmark for these critical projects. When they need large quantities of folding cartons turned around fast, they know there’s no one else with the agility and responsiveness they’ll get from Belmark.

Belmark was able to set up graphics, run and ship 1.5 million cartons inside of two weeks.

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