Challenge: Locating a reliable co-packer for a new product

Our customer, a pecan processing company, was introducing their new line of pecan butter to grocery stores nationwide. So they asked Belmark to produce a 1.15-ounce squeeze packet to get sample products into stores and drive purchases of their 10-ounce and 24-ounce jars. In the process of gathering information and designing the sample packet, the customer asked if we might also be able to help them with something else—locating a co-packer for their full production run.

Solution: Meeting the customer’s need with above-and-beyond speed and service

Belmark works with a wide network of co-packers. So our sales representative let the customer know we would put out some feelers and get them the information they needed. Using our own network of relationships, we were able to locate multiple co-packers who could meet the customer’s requirements and forwarded their information to the customer within a day. The customer was able to contact several good options so they could determine who best fit their needs.

At the same time, the Belmark team was busy creating a sample of the pecan butter squeeze packet. We sent the product information to our technical services team, and that same day, we were able to ship out a completed packaging sample to arrive the following day.

Result: Successfully launching the product—and beginning a strong relationship

As a result of Belmark’s all-in attitude, responsiveness and speed, our customer not only received the squeeze packet they were looking for, but also found an answer to the larger business challenge of finding a quality co-packer. They were so impressed with Belmark’s service, that they shifted production of their 10-ounce and 24-ounce jar labels to us to support their entry into grocery stores across the country. And they know they can count on Belmark for packaging solutions across their entire product line.

Our speed and service were so impressive that the customer shifted the majority of their business to Belmark.

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