Challenge: Changing from kraft to printed pouches while keeping the spirit of the brand

Our customer had always packaged their granola product line in windowed kraft pouches with two labels, front and back. It was a style that fit the handmade, “farmers market” feel they wanted for their product. But when they saw another producer successfully switch to printed flexible pouches, they were anxious to see how Belmark could help them find a more efficient and cost-effective approach. All while keeping the same natural, down-to-earth look and feel.

Solution: A flexible packaging solution made real with Web-to-Print®

Our team determined that we could accomplish the look they were after with flexible packaging pouches that were printed with a kraft texture. Working with their design team, we developed a dual finish pouch with a kraft graphic applied and a clear gloss window to showcase the product. Because of the nature of the product—clusters of granola of varying shapes and sizes—we selected a heavier film and increased the size of the pouch just a bit to protect the film from puncturing.

The customer’s production runs would be lower quantities, so Web-to-Print® was the ideal solution. With Web-to-Print®, the customer was able to easily order only the quantity they needed.

Result: A more attractive, efficient and versatile package

With the simplicity of the new flexible packaging solution and the speed of Web-to-Print®, our customer was able to significantly reduce lead times for their granola packaging. The new flexible pouch was exactly the look the customer was aiming for, without the added labor cost of applying front and back labels.

In addition, they’re now able to easily differentiate between flavors with a colored banner across the top of the pouch. And the packaging gives them far more real estate to work with to tell their unique story. Most importantly, the packaging change made a splash, giving the appearance of a new product hitting the shelves, and has enjoyed a fantastic reception in the marketplace.

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