Challenge: Introducing and scaling a new product family

Our customer was introducing a new concept for a family of products consisting of character-shaped cookies matched to 4 different on-trend themes. Each package would also include a collectible sticker as a prize to encourage repeat purchases. Because the concept was new and would require investment to launch, our customer needed a conservative approach that could help them pre-book sales before moving forward with full-scale commercial production.

Solution: Booking retailers with sales samples, scaling with Web-to-Print®

To make their new concept real and secure orders, the customer took full advantage of Belmark’s Launch™ Prototype Program. Our team built production-quality prototypes for each of the new products, quickly turning them around to get the samples in our customer’s hands for their sales presentations. On the strength of those sales samples, our customer was able to secure placement with multiple retailers.

With orders in hand and retailer deadlines to meet, our customer moved forward to prepare all four products for commercial print and production. That’s when an additional retailer expressed interest in the product line. But they needed a slightly different size—and they needed it fast.

The changes had to happen quickly, without incurring much additional cost. Web-to-Print® flexible packaging provided the best solution. This would allow us to not only move quickly, but scale the product up seamlessly to full production to meet future order volume. Our team responded immediately so that the customer could secure this new opportunity and meet the very tight timeline.

Results: Full product commercialization with reduced risk and lower investment

Belmark was able to act as a new product introduction “incubator” for our customer. We provided packaging options designed to scale their project, with the agility to meet changing objectives within their product development, sales and marketing cycles. This allowed the customer to test the market, book sales and scale within a safe environment that required far less upfront investment to get the concept off the ground.

Low upfront investment

Scale quickly

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