Challenge: Creating a high-end wine label look on a much lower budget.

In wine, elegance and impact—how your bottle looks on the shelf—can make all the difference in what sells and what doesn’t. And that starts with the label. For our customer, a mid-size winery, that meant creating a bottle label with similar features to the biggest names in wine. But those elements—like embossing or hot foil stamping—can be very expensive. Our customer needed a way to compete, while sticking to their limited budget.

Solution: Achieving the look with the unique capabilities of Web-to-Print®.

The Belmark team worked with the customer to develop a solution that would achieve a similar look at a cost they could afford. The answer was Belmark’s Web-to-Print® process, along with a little printing ingenuity. Instead of hot foil stamping, we achieved a similar look with Web-to-Print® metallic inks. In place of embossing, we added a dual finish look with a spot gloss.

Together, the two methods gave the customer the metallic look they wanted, while the dual finish effect gave the metallic and black elements of the design a pop of elegance.

Result: A label that competes with the biggest names in wine.

In the end, the customer went to market happy, with a label that could confidently sell alongside products from the major vineyards. And the versatility and efficiency of Belmark’s Web-to-Print® made it happen at a much more affordable cost.

High-end label at an affordable cost.

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