Challenge: Adapting flexible packaging to a new manufacturing process

Our customer was updating their manufacturing process to change from roll stock film to premade flexible packaging pouches. It was a big change, affecting more than 75 SKUs. And it had to seamlessly fit into their production process, without adding the cost of starting over from scratch.

Solution: Premade flexible packaging pouches tailored to the customer’s needs

The Belmark engineering team got to work to develop a process to convert the customer’s film to finished pouches without having to remake their existing print plates. With the number of products that had to make the changeover, this resulted in huge cost savings.

Our team also worked closely with the customer to test a small run of the premade pouches and ensure that the solution integrated perfectly with the customer’s new equipment. That meant everything from size and fill specifications to making sure the pouches would seal properly and automatically load into their boxes in the correct orientation.

Results: Greater effiency and a process that enables growth

The result was a successful update to the customer’s manufacturing process that allowed them to get to market more efficiently. They were able to save the cost of remaking print plates and tailor their new premade pouches to exactly the workflow they were looking for. And that has set them up for greater business growth.

Cost savings

Increased efficiency

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