Belmark's Commitment to Safety

Last Updated: 9/27/2021 2:00pm

In March 2020, Belmark created The COVID Task Force with one goal in mind – to keep our employees safe from a pandemic. During that time we implemented safety procedures and followed CDC guideline as the world waited for the ultimate safety precaution to stop the spread – a vaccine.

Belmark is promoting vaccination while acknowledging that ultimately we’d all like to introduce a little normalcy back into our lives.

In April and May 2021 we offered the COVID vaccine onsite. We continue encouraging our employees to educate themselves and make a personal choice on vaccination.

We have implemented the following to those who choose vaccination:

  • Hourly employees will receive two hours of paid time to cover time to get the vaccine
  • One additional COVID day will given
  • Fitness center and locker room availability
  • You no longer need your temperature checked
  • Offsite employees can begin the discussion to return to campus

Belmark is committed to maintaining reliable supply to our customers according to our Mission Statement.

Belmark is taking steps to return to a pre-pandemic environment.

To ensure our workplace remains safe, Belmark has already implemented all safety practices for contact with an affected employee as noted by the CDC. CDC guidelines can be found here. We will continue monitoring and assessing these safeguards as standard daily practices.

With the continued drop in case activity and changes surrounding COVID19 practices. These changes include:

Face Shields

  • Effective Monday, May 17th, face shields are no longer required.
  • Based on employee comfort level, he/she may still wish to utilize a face shield for parts, or all, of the scheduled shift, they may do so.
  • Our face mask policy remains in effect for unvaccinated employees until further notice.

Temperature Checks

  • Effective Monday, May 17th, temperature checks are no longer required.

Symptoms/Calling In Due to COVID19 Related Concerns

  • Inform HR if a positive test result for COVID-19 is received.


  • We continue to encourage employees to seek vaccination and to inform Human Resources if the employee chooses to receive the vaccination.
  • Providing two hours of paid time to plus an additional COVID-19 day to the employee should he/she choose to receive the vaccination.

Thank you to all employees, customers and vendors for adhering to our precautionary measures during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How Belmark Maintained a Safe Environment:

  • All visits to Belmark including customers and other partners were suspended as of 3/17/2020.
  • Increased professional cleaning and sanitizing throughout the facility – cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched objects and surfaces.
  • Continued stringent requirements for handwashing.
  • Belmark employees worked remotely where their job allows.
  • Belmark implemented mandatory temperature checks for employees in production as per guidelines from the CDC.
  • Belmark implemented mandatory use of face masks.
  • Employees were given guidelines for utilizing a facemask and maintaining sanitation.
  • Best practices for social distancing were implemented, including:
    • Remain 6ft apart at all times and reduced regular and frequent contact
    • Used restrooms, break rooms, lunch areas, etc. that were nearest to assigned work stations
    • No congregation in common areas like breakrooms, locker rooms and time clocks
    • Used virtual portals for face-to-face meetings
    • Shift Change Separation – avoided contact or overlap between shifts.
    • Two foot temporary partitions have been added to the top of cubicles for employees who are on site.
    • Belmark implemented the use of face shields in addition to masks when it was not possible to maintain 6 feet of separation.

Protected Supply Chain:

  • Belmark has proactively and repeatedly communicated with all Belmark vendors since December 2019 regarding supply concerns linked to the COVID-19 crisis.
  • The vast majority of our supply chain is based in North America. To date, all vendors have communicated that they are monitoring developments and will communicate immediately if supply concerns develop.
  • Belmark continued to deliver
  • Belmark proactively communicated with our customers as any concerns developed

Ensured Timely Shipping:

  • To prevent orders from being held up and to create more room for raw material, Belmark has shipped and will continue to ship all orders upon completion. This may be weeks before your request date. Since the restrictions are changing daily, we want your product to be in your hands as soon as possible.

How Belmark supported the community:

  • Belmark donated 4,000 surgical masks to Brown County Emergency Operation Center
  • Thank you to the Belmark seamstresses team who produced 1,532 cloth masks in one week to keep our employees safe!

We are confident our culture of being ALL IN will guide us to meet our customers’ needs while maintaining a caring and supportive environment for everyone who may be affected by the impact of COVID-19.

If you have questions or concerns regarding COVID-19 please email, or contact Karl Schmidt, Belmark President, directly at 920-336-2848.

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