Belmark's Commitment to Our Employees

For COVID-19 VACCINATED employees, effective immediately, as per CDC Guidelines, all COVID PPE (masks, social distancing, dividers, etc.) will be a personal choice and no longer required when on campus at Belmark.

Learn more about the CDC Guidelines CDC guidelines here.

COVID-19 Vaccination Resources:

Belmark’s Welmark Vaccine Clinic

Inform your supervisor if you wish to attend the vaccine clinic. You will still be required to punch in/out for your appointment, but once HR is notified, 2 hours of paid time will be added along with an extra COVID-19 day.


Face Shields

  • Effective Monday, May 17th, face shields are no longer required.
  • Based on your comfort level, if you still wish to utilize a face shield for parts, or all, of your shift, you may do so.
  • Our face mask policy for unvaccinated employees remains in effect until further notice.

Temperature Checks

  • Effective Monday, May 17th, temperature checks are no longer required.

Symptoms/Calling In Due to COVID-19 Related Concerns

  • When calling in due to an illness, COVID-related or otherwise, you must call in to your direct supervisor/manager
  • Only inform HR if you test positive for COVID-19; you do NOT need to inform HR of pending tests, close contact, household tests, etc.


We encourage you to continue to seek vaccination.  If vaccinated, you still need to inform Human Resources to receive the paid time (2 hrs total) and extra COVID-19 day.

**Any employee who receives the vaccination should notify Human Resources after each dose. You may notify Danielle Bogenschutz at; or Kate Prebelski at; or any other member of the Human Resources team. Thank you!**

Below are online resources to bookmark and follow along with for the most up to date information on the COVID-19 pandemic and as vaccination protocols progress:
Wisconsin Department of Health Services: COVID-19 Vaccine
Bellin Health: The COVID Vaccine & What You Should Know
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): Clinical Resources for COVID-19 Vaccinations
CDC guidelines

To ensure our workplace remains safe and to assure we are still able to serve our customers, Belmark has observed an abundance of caution and implemented precautionary measures as noted by the CDC.

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