Castle Cream Ale Boxes

Increased Flexibility, Increased Sales

Castle Cream Ale Boxes

Castle Danger, a craft brewery on the North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota, aimed to reduce the environmental impact of its beer packaging while also supporting its expanding retail business with more diverse product offerings. Cartons were the ideal solution—but executing the perfect package design for a range of packaging, as business shifted, while navigating supply-chain shortages in a pandemic, seemed like a daunting task.

With help from Belmark, Castle Danger transitioned to folding cartons across its retail product line. By taking advantage of Belmark’s short lead times and no minimum orders, Castle Danger is able to package seasonal beers fast, without being burdened with excess inventory. And, it’s proud to extend its sustainable practices to packaging and to incorporate sustainability into its brand story.

Short Run Quantity Option

Belmark has no minimum orders.

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PCR Material Packaging

35% Post-consumer recycled materials used in packaging.

100% Recyclable

100% of Castle Danger's packaging can be recycled.

  • “The Belmark team is always looking forward. If they see an opportunity to make something better, they act on it. They value our partnership, and genuinely care about our business. That's really important to us.”

Belmark- Increased Flexibility and Sales Case Study Book

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Belmark- Increased Flexibility and Sales Case Study Book