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Packaged Greens

Plenty, a revolutionary indoor-farming operation in Silicon Valley, wants to offer “kale for the kale haters,” and is using technologies like AI and robotics to optimize its greens for the ultimate flavor and freshness. The sustainability-focused company wanted to replace its clamshell packaging with a produce packaging solution that would use less plastic and extend shelf life. And, it had a radical plan to create fast-food-inspired packaging that conveyed not just the health benefits of the produce inside, but it’s craveability.

Working with Belmark in a multifaceted partnership spanning manufacturing, engineering and printing expertise, Plenty was able to implement a resealable film that cut plastic by 46%. Its crisp, colorful packaging truly puts the fun in fresh greens—and earned a World Food Innovation Award for Best Food Packaging Design.

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46% reduction in packaging plastic footprint
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environmental impact
1,500+ gallons of water saved each week at Plenty's flagship farm
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1 sq ft of vertical farmland produces a crop yield equivalent to 350 sq ft of traditional farmland
  • “Our bold new design was really only made possible because of the packaging.”

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