Belmark Family,

Disclaimer – what you are about to read isn’t about the pandemic.  And we are excited to share so many other Belmark updates.  So, although we will continue to keep you informed and safe at Belmark in regards to a continuing pandemic, we’d like to start FY22 with the implementation of a communication program that will be connecting with all of you on a wide variety of topics.

What you can expect:

  1. Monthly communication on the state of Belmark, events, benefits, learning opportunities, milestone anniversaries, employee celebrations, etc.
  2. Quarterly in person employee meetings with the Executive team.
  3. Opportunity to be part of the narrative – we want communication to be engaging and all encompassing.
  4. In FY22 we will implement an employee communication application with opt in mobile access and cloud based desktop access for ALL employees.

What we know now (sorry, there is still some pandemic communication!):

  1. The week of October 18th we will be having in person meetings with Karl and the Executive team giving a recap of 2021, benefit enhancements, post-pandemic changes, FY2022-23 plan and more!
  2. In compliance with OSHA the mask policy will remain in place on the Belmark campus for unvaccinated employees, customers and vendors until there is a new ruling. COVID vaccines are readily available and have been proven to be your best defense against COVID-19 and the Delta variant.
    1. With a mixture of vaccinated and unvaccinated and safety in mind for all, we have made the sad decision to not have the Belmark traditional Trick or Treating or Christmas party events. We are working hard to creatively engage and keep our community culture despite not having events!
  3. There are supply chain issues as our world continues to react to natural disasters (freeze in Texas), worker shortages and an unforeseen pandemic.  But we are Belmark and will continue to rise to the challenges presented, pivot and take care of our customers – thanks to the determination and commitment from each of you!

The next year will continue to bring highs and lows.  But as a Belmark Family we will pull together with our all in culture and celebrate the triumphs, support each other through the tough times, and come out stronger together.

Amanda and Marie