Belmark will help communicate to the carriers via BOL notes, but ultimately, the Customer is responsible for informing carriers about customers’ policy updates

  • If there is a phone number they need to call at the time of delivery, please have this added to the BOL notes in the delivery address of the customer master record.
  • If the customer is not going to handle physical paperwork, and needs to have the BOL emailed to them prior to delivery, this is also a BOL note. Please note that LTL carriers do not keep the original Belmark BOL, and carry that to the customer, so emailing our BOL to the customer will generally not suffice. This will need to be emailed to the customer directly from the carrier. What the carriers do is scan our BOL into their system, then create their own BOL based off of the information provided. This allows them to standardize their systems since every company’s BOL is different. If they need to email a copy of this BOL to the delivery location, we will need to inform them via the BOL notes.
  • Belmark’s assumption would be that any location that requires a delivery appointment will be informing the carrier of their policies at the time they make the appointment, our guidance would be to not update any notes for these locations.
  • Letters for carriers to keep with them stating they are essential are not needed. Trucking/transportation is a critical industry itself.