Belmark Family,

From the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic our goal and number one priority was to keep everyone healthy and safe so that we could take care of each other and our customers. With our all in culture our Belmark Family has succeeded in this goal.

Our next steps are the return to pre-pandemic Belmark safely.  The breakthrough in COVID19 vaccines have allowed us to make this transition. The effectiveness and safety of the vaccine has proven to almost eliminate the danger of severe reactions to the virus and the prevention of contracting and transmitting to others.

The Task Force, and I personally, will continue to encourage every Belmark employee to get vaccinated and contribute to the ongoing safety of our campus. We also believe that your health care and choice to be vaccinated is personal, and each individual must make a responsible, informed decision which works for them. We all must respect and support each other and their decisions they make as individuals.

People who have made the decision to be vaccinated have made the choice to protect themselves, family, friends and those who are immune compromised. The vaccine is at a point where supply is abundant and readily available for everyone who chooses to make that choice.

For COVID19 VACCINATED employees, effective immediately, as per CDC guidelines, all COVID PPE (masks, social distancing, dividers, etc.) will be a personal choice and no longer required when on campus at Belmark. Unvaccinated employees must still follow Belmark’s COVID19 guidelines and safety procedures, including face masks.  Unvaccinated employees, not following our COVID19 protocols will be in violation of our safety procedures. 

As with other COVID19 policies, this is subject to change based on factors such as vaccination levels, case prevalence, CDC, and local health officials.   I trust our workforce will follow our guiding principle of doing what is right, for themselves, each other, and our customers, and follow the guidance outlined by the CDC and local health officials.

I look forward to welcoming you all home to Belmark as we return remote employees, customers, vendors, collaboration, smiles, laughter, handshakes, hugs and so much more to our daily lives at Belmark.