Karl message to employees regarding first positive case:

Yesterday the COVID Task Force needed to put into action our plan when an employee tested positive. Our planning for this moment has been thought through and the implementation of the plan was executed very well. We continue to be overly cautious in our actions for all our safety. At every step the wellbeing of everyone at Belmark and their families is our number one priority.

We cannot be successful with our efforts to keep everyone safe unless we all take on the personal responsibility to be diligent in our actions both at work and our time away from Belmark. If we all practice the communicated personal hygiene steps, safe distancing and away from Belmark keep our circle of contacts to a minimum, we will eliminate the risk to our family, friends and colleagues.

There is accelerating and considerable community spread tied to three companies in Brown County. JBS, American Foods and Salms. For the safety of the whole Belmark family we must all avoid any contact with persons working at these companies, their families and close acquaintances. If you have had contact, please inform your supervisor so we can take the necessary precautions for everyone at Belmark.

The next four weeks will be critical. This is not a time to relax our high standards that we have put in place, but a time to double down and to be even more careful in our surroundings by doing all the right things that each one of us knows. We should hold each other accountable to this high standard for the good of all as we depend on each other.

I truly believe that we have been blessed and that we have the caring attitude to look out for each other’s wellbeing. We will overcome this immediate challenge the next month as each one of us puts forth the extra effort needed to stay safe both personally and for each other.

My prayers are for the affected employee, for the safety and health of the Belmark family, our community and country. I thank you in advance for doing what is right so that we can be successful in this fight.