To our Customers,

Over the last few months the world experienced change in the way we think, how we work and what it means to be safe. Belmark takes pride in our response to the COVID19 crisis. From preventative safety measures, individual and community support, our culture of caring has shined through it all. Our fight against COVID19 has not yet ended, but we continue to be committed to taking care of our customers and employees according to our Mission Statement.

Belmark has proactively and repeatedly communicated with all Belmark vendors since December 2019 regarding supply concerns linked to COVID19 crisis. The vast majority of our supply chain is based in North America. To date, all vendors have communicated that they are monitoring developments and we will continue to communicate immediately if supply concerns develop.

During COVID19 Belmark began expansions on our Flexible Packaging and Specialty Finishing plants along with adding capacity through accelerating our 2021 capital projects to this year. The new expansions will allow us to continue to meet customer needs and expand our capacity.

As we continue to see states open up, Belmark has begun implementing our process of welcoming back employees who have been working remotely. We have put in place a number of processes and procedures to ensure a safe environment for everyone as we welcome our Belmark family back to campus.

There are still active cases, testing levels continue to fluctuate and some states are experiencing a surge in new cases. Belmark will continue to provide the safest environment for our employees as we look to meet and exceed our customer needs.

I’m very proud of our Belmark employees and truly believe that we have been blessed throughout the COVID crisis. We are confident our culture of being ALL IN will guide us to exceed our customer’s needs while maintaining a caring and supportive environment for everyone.

Karl Schmidt
Belmark inc