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As the cat food and treat market expands, startup companies are eager to jump at the growth. Small businesses are increasingly able to compete with mainstream brands with more accessible packaging solutions available to suit small batch or niche needs. This means that small businesses can scale their products and offerings in ways the pet food industry hasn’t seen before. Smaller companies can customize their cat food packaging and leverage Belmark’s no minimum order quantity options to move faster than large, multinational brands.

Another trend in the cat food and treat industry is the explosive popularity of CBD and hemp-based products. Pet owners are typically focused on maximizing the health and well-being of their four-legged family members, making the “natural” messaging of CBD and hemp ingredients an attractive reinforcement of pet wellness. Packaging your cat food and treat products with CBD and hemp may include choosing environmentally-conscious materials (like eco-READY™ packaging options) or adding enhanced security features, and doing so with Belmark means your brand can customize quickly and easily.

Picking the Right Cat Food Packaging Matters

Depending on the type of cat food or treat you’re producing, you may be evaluating different options for how to package your products. Considering flexible packaging, a pouch offers flexibility in the material used and how a brand designs its package. The lightweight nature of pouch packaging is especially beneficial to smaller brands because pouches can help minimize weight (and, therefore, associated shipping costs). Using a pouch offers maximum space and efficiency when shipping Delivery Term Code (DTC) or to retail shelves and optimizes storage space for empty pouches. 

With Belmark’s Web-to-Print® offering, brands can quickly produce their packaging with digital printing that doesn’t require an order minimum. This helps smaller companies to innovate and iterate their cat food packaging without compromising production quality (or boxes sitting in your warehouse). High-quality printing and packaging instantly stand out to a shopper, reinforcing your brand’s quality before they’ve opened your product.

Pet food packaging - Box Pouch Cat Food 4lb

Cat Food Packaging Partner

As a trusted and well-established packaging expert, Belmark can help you to choose the best cat food packaging options for your brand. Our packaging consultants leverage deep experience in the pet food category and extensive expertise in other verticals to advise customers on packaging type, material, barrier, features, and labeling to help you navigate the A to Z of bringing product packaging to life swiftly.

Whether you’re looking to design around specific brand messaging (like environmental friendliness or sustainability), are promoting certain features or ingredients (like CBD and hemp), or aim to stand out boldly through visual design, a Belmark packaging expert can help you to carve out your competitive edge.

Speak with a Belmark packaging expert today and learn more about how you can customize your cat food and treat packaging to win hearts and belly rubs.

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