Determine the Right Format

The packaging industry has made customization more possible than ever, with countless options available to brands for function, product protection, sustainability, and visual design features. It’s now possible to customize nearly every feature of your packaging, from materials to labels. The best way to re-envision your packaging is to consider compatibility with your product and your consumer.

That means asking all the questions you usually would: which materials will work best to keep your product safe, fresh, or secure; what do you need to communicate on the label or packaging; whether you need a secondary container or folding carton; and any other functional considerations. 

Then, consider how your product fits into your buyer’s lifestyle. While consumers tend to share common values and priorities (sustainability, for example), each segment has different needs. A pet food shopper will have different expectations for packaging than an IPA beer consumer, so it’s important to consider how a consumer will interact with your product—and its packaging. 

The buyer’s lifestyle and values can help guide your decision in choosing the right format. For example, if you sell protein powder and your consumer values convenience and portability, you might opt for flexible packaging for nutraceuticals. Or, if you offer supplements and your consumers value product protection, you could choose a custom folding carton option for added protection, messaging, and branding opportunities.  

Custom flexible packagingsustainable options, and eye-catching labels all prioritize function with benefits and consumer demands. Read our guide to product packaging for more information on packaging elements and what to consider as you choose a format. 

Create a Prototype

The best way to ensure your custom packaging is ready for market is to create a prototype. Prototypes bring your new packaging to life, spot further opportunities for innovation, or move forward with your order. In other words, prototyping before you scale can save time, budget, and energy.

Talk to us about our Launch™ Prototype program and how it can benefit your next packaging project.

Launch packaging prototypes

Find a Custom Product Packaging Supplier

Packaging suppliers play a critical role in the success of your packaging and the customizations available to you. The right supplier will have deep engineering expertise to ensure your package works for your product and consumer. 

To find the custom packaging manufacturer that will work best for your brand, consider the following factors:

  • Engineering capabilities. Choose suppliers with an established history of engineering custom packaging options for brands in your industry. The right manufacturer should be able to guide you through the whole process and offer a solution specific to your brand—not try to apply a one-size-fits-all solution to your product.

  • Speed to market. Too often, brands miss out on retail opportunities because they’re waiting on packaging. Ask about lead times, order minimums, and how flexible your supplier can be as you scale. 

  • Customer service. It may sound obvious, but not all packaging suppliers provide the same level of service or partnership. Work with a partner committed to partnership and service every step of the way. 

  • Values. Choose a supplier that shares your values (or your consumers’ values), whether that means sustainability, growth, quality assurance, or something else.  

With no order minimums, a lead time of three weeks or less, and unparalleled service and support throughout the packaging process, Belmark works as a strategic partner who can help you scale using custom packaging. 

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