Handmade mockups and prototypes for presentations, trade shows and proof of concept

Bring form to your next big idea with pressure sensitive label, flexible packaging and folding carton prototypes. All carefully built by hand by our team of packaging and design experts. Think of us as an extension of your product development team. We’ll work alongside you to give life to your concept, so you can secure sales or investment—and get to market faster.

See your product as it will appear on the shelf
Projects handled with complete confidentiality
Create one-of-a-kind prototypes
Impress customers with production-quality samples

Please note: Launch™ by Belmark packaging prototypes are hand-made and intended
for presentation purposes only. Launch™ by Belmark prototypes are not FDA Compliant and
should not be used for performance or contain product for human or animal consumption.

How the Launch™ Prototype Program Works

Step 1

Call our Launch™ Team to start your project.

Step 2

Upload your artwork.

Step 3

Review digital proofs.

Step 4

Receive your packaging prototypes.

Step 5

Wow your customers and win their business.

With the Belmark Launch™ Prototype Program, you can impress customers with a high-quality mockup, sign their business, and quickly ramp up to full production for a fast, seamless product launch.

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Customer Success Story: From Concept to Scale

Our customer was introducing a brand new product concept. They needed to pre-book sales, then quickly move into production—with minimal startup costs. See how Belmark’s Launch™ Prototype Program allowed them to secure orders, while Web-to-Print® allowed them to scale to meet retailer demand under tight timelines.

Want to learn more about our Launch™ Prototype Program?

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Email: getstarted@belmark.com

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